1d0a4b03fSAssaf Gordon* Noteworthy changes in release 1.9 (2018-03-12) [stable]
2c5e97663SAssaf Gordon
3b81c04afSAssaf Gordon** Improvements
4b81c04afSAssaf Gordon
5b81c04afSAssaf Gordon  time now reports percent CPU usage for programs lasting less then 1 second.
6b81c04afSAssaf Gordon  previously, time would report '??%' if programs lasted less than 1 second.
7b81c04afSAssaf Gordon  (adopted from Fedora).
8b81c04afSAssaf Gordon
9c5e97663SAssaf Gordon** Changes in behaviour
10c5e97663SAssaf Gordon
11c5e97663SAssaf Gordon  "time -p" no longers adds the "Command exited with non-zero status" message.
12c5e97663SAssaf Gordon  This is a backward-incompatible change for better POSIX compliance.
13c5e97663SAssaf Gordon  Many downstream distributions previously patched 'time' to behave this way
14c5e97663SAssaf Gordon  (Debian added '-q', Fedora patched '-p').
15c5e97663SAssaf Gordon
16c5e97663SAssaf Gordon
17f695f67aSAssaf Gordon* Noteworthy changes in release 1.8 (2017-11-07) [stable]
182a707f4dSAssaf Gordon
192a707f4dSAssaf Gordon** Licensing
202a707f4dSAssaf Gordon
212a707f4dSAssaf Gordon  First official release under GPLv3-or-later.
222a707f4dSAssaf Gordon  Previous version (v1.7) was GPLv2-or-later.
232a707f4dSAssaf Gordon  The code in the git repository has been updated to GPLv3-or-later
242a707f4dSAssaf Gordon  in 2015 (in git-tagged version 1.7.1).
252a707f4dSAssaf Gordon
262a707f4dSAssaf Gordon
272a707f4dSAssaf Gordon** New Features
282a707f4dSAssaf Gordon
292a707f4dSAssaf Gordon  time supports new -q/--quiet option to suppresses abnormal
302a707f4dSAssaf Gordon  program terminal (non-exit codes or signals).
312a707f4dSAssaf Gordon  Modelled after Debian's  https://bugs.debian.org/56853 .
322a707f4dSAssaf Gordon
332a707f4dSAssaf Gordon  time now uses the following exit codes (same as GNU coreutils' env):
342a707f4dSAssaf Gordon   125 = Wrong usage or internal error prior to exec attempt.
352a707f4dSAssaf Gordon   126 = Program located, but not usable.
362a707f4dSAssaf Gordon   127 = Could not find program to exec.
372a707f4dSAssaf Gordon
382a707f4dSAssaf Gordon  time now exits with code '128 + Signal number' when the program
392a707f4dSAssaf Gordon  is terminated by a signal.
402a707f4dSAssaf Gordon  Modelled after Debian's 'non-normal-exit' upstream patch,
412a707f4dSAssaf Gordon  and behaves the same as GNU coreutils' timeout(1).
422a707f4dSAssaf Gordon
432a707f4dSAssaf Gordon  time now reports MAX-RSS values correctly on modern systems
442a707f4dSAssaf Gordon  (the old code base, last updated in 1996, incorrectly calculated
452a707f4dSAssaf Gordon  pages/kilobytes and overestimated MAX-RSS).
462a707f4dSAssaf Gordon  Modelled after Debian's https://bugs.debian.org/649402 .
472a707f4dSAssaf Gordon
482a707f4dSAssaf Gordon
492a707f4dSAssaf Gordon** Improvements
502a707f4dSAssaf Gordon
512a707f4dSAssaf Gordon  Use gnulib modules and build infrastructure.
522a707f4dSAssaf Gordon
532a707f4dSAssaf Gordon  New tests infrastructure (make check).
542a707f4dSAssaf Gordon
552a707f4dSAssaf Gordon  Portability improvements (e.g. detection of time.h, sys/resources.h,
562a707f4dSAssaf Gordon  getrusage now delegated to gnulib).
572a707f4dSAssaf Gordon
582a707f4dSAssaf Gordon
592a707f4dSAssaf Gordon
608dccf44aSDavid C NiemiChanges in version 1.7.1:
618dccf44aSDavid C Niemi* Released under GPL V3 License
628dccf44aSDavid C Niemi
63ad3684f7SDavid C NiemiMajor changes in version 1.7:
64ad3684f7SDavid C Niemi
65ad3684f7SDavid C Niemi* Reports average memory use figures more accurately on SunOS sparc,
66ad3684f7SDavid C Niemi  Ultrix mips, and Sony NEWS.
67ad3684f7SDavid C Niemi* Reports when the process being run is terminated by a signal,
68ad3684f7SDavid C Niemi  and exits with the signal number as its status in that case.
69ad3684f7SDavid C Niemi* Documentation reorganized.
70ad3684f7SDavid C Niemi* Configuration and library files updated.
71ad3684f7SDavid C Niemi
72ad3684f7SDavid C NiemiMajor changes in version 1.6:
73ad3684f7SDavid C Niemi
74ad3684f7SDavid C Niemi* Configures correctly on NeXT and OSF/1.
75ad3684f7SDavid C Niemi* Documentation errors fixed.
76ad3684f7SDavid C Niemi
77ad3684f7SDavid C NiemiMajor changes in version 1.5:
78ad3684f7SDavid C Niemi
79ad3684f7SDavid C Niemi* Support for Solaris, AIX, and other non-BSD hybrids.
80ad3684f7SDavid C Niemi* Fractional seconds are correctly reported.
81ad3684f7SDavid C Niemi* The verbose display fits on one screen now and has more accurate labels.
82ad3684f7SDavid C Niemi
83ad3684f7SDavid C NiemiMajor changes in version 1.4:
84ad3684f7SDavid C Niemi
85ad3684f7SDavid C Niemi* Support for systems without the BSD getrusage and wait3 calls.
86ad3684f7SDavid C Niemi* Improved configuration.
87ad3684f7SDavid C Niemi* Clarified documentation of some resources.