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2This is the README file for the GNU Texinfo distribution.  Texinfo is
3the preferred documentation format for GNU software.
5  Copyright (C) 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000,
6  2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
8  Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
9  are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
10  notice and this notice are preserved.
12See ./INSTALL* for installation instructions.
14Primary distribution point:
15  (list of mirrors at:
17Home page:
18  (list of mirrors at:
19  This page includes links to other Texinfo-related programs.
21Mailing lists and archives:
22- for bug reports or enhancement suggestions,
23  archive:
24- for authoring questions and general discussion, 
25  archive:
26- for pretests of new releases,
27  archive:
28There are no corresponding newsgroups.
30Bug reports:
31 please include enough information for the maintainers to reproduce the
32 problem.  Generally speaking, that means:
33- the contents of any input files necessary to reproduce the bug (crucial!).
34- a description of the problem and any samples of the erroneous output.
35- the version number of Texinfo and the program(s) involved (use --version).
36- hardware, operating system, and compiler versions (uname -a).
37- unusual options you gave to configure, if any (see config.status).
38- anything else that you think would be helpful.
40Patches are most welcome; if possible, please make them with diff -c and
41include ChangeLog entries.
43When sending email, please do not encode or split the messages in any
44way if at all possible; it's easier to deal with one large message than
45many small ones.  GNU shar ( is a
46convenient way of packaging multiple and/or binary files for email.
48See for information on the Texinfo development environment --
49any interested parties are welcome.  If you're a programmer and wish to
50contribute, this should get you started.  And if you're not a
51programmer, you can still make significant contributions by writing test
52cases, checking the documentation against the implementation, etc.
54This distribution includes the following files, among others:
55    README                      This file.
56                  Texinfo developer information.
58    INSTALL                     Texinfo-specific installation notes.
59    NEWS                        Summary of new features by release.
60    INTRODUCTION                Brief introduction to the system, and
61                                how to create readable files from the
62                                Texinfo source files in this distribution.
64Texinfo documentation files (in ./doc):
65    texinfo.txi                 Describes the Texinfo language and many
66                                of the associated tools.  It tells how
67                                to use Texinfo to write documentation,
68                                how to use Texinfo mode in GNU Emacs,
69                                TeX, makeinfo, and the Emacs Lisp
70                                Texinfo formatting commands.
72    info.texi                   This manual tells you how to use 
73                                Info.  This document also comes as part of
74                                GNU Emacs.  If you do not have Emacs,
75                                you can format this Texinfo source
76                                file with makeinfo or TeX and then
77                                read the resulting Info file with the
78                                standalone Info reader that is part of
79                                this distribution.
81    info-stnd.texi              This manual tells you how to use
82                                the standalone GNU Info reader that is
83                                included in this distribution as C
84                                source (./info).
86Printing related files:
87    doc/texinfo.tex             This TeX definitions file tells
88                                the TeX program how to typeset a
89                                Texinfo file into a DVI file ready for
90                                printing.
92    util/texindex.c             This file contains the source for
93                                the `texindex' program that generates
94                                sorted indices used by TeX when
95                                typesetting a file for printing.
97    util/texi2dvi               This is a shell script for
98                                producing an indexed DVI file using
99                                TeX and texindex. 
101Source files for standalone C programs: 
102  ./lib
103  ./makeinfo
104  ./info
106Installation files:
107                 What Automake uses to make a
108                 What `configure' uses to make a Makefile,
109                                created by Automake.
110		What Autoconf uses to create `configure'.
111    configure                   Configuration script for local conditions,
112                                created by Autoconf.


2This is the README-alpha file for GNU Texinfo.
4  Copyright (C) 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000,
5  2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
7  Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
8  are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
9  notice and this notice are preserved.
11This is a test release!
13The latest test release (if any) is available at
17Please do NOT send reports about this release to any GNU mailing list or
18newsgroup.  Instead, email comments and problem reports to You are welcome to join that mailing list;
20to do so, please visit
21It's archived at
23If you see a problem in this release that you've already reported, feel
24free to re-report it -- it's good to get a reminder.  If you sent a
25patch for a previous release, and you haven't received any feedback
26about it, please do re-send it, it likely got lost.
28For development environment information, see

2This file describes the development environment.
4  Copyright (C) 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
5  Free Software Foundation, Inc.
7  Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
8  are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
9  notice and this notice are preserved.
11The development sources for GNU Texinfo are available through anonymous
12CVS at Savannah:
15This distribution uses whatever versions of Automake, Autoconf, and
16Gettext are listed in NEWS; usually the latest ones released.  If you
17are getting the sources from CVS (or change, you'll need
18to have these tools installed to (re)build.  You'll also need help2man.
19All of these programs are available from
21After getting the CVS sources, and installing the tools above, you can run
22 ./
23and then
24 ./configure CFLAGS='-g -Wdeclaration-after-statement'
25and then
26 make
28After the initial autogen && configure, simply running make should suffice.
30The reason for that particular -W is that intermixing declarations with
31statementts is an easy thing to do accidentally, gcc won't warn about it
32by default, and other compilers that don't support it are still
33widespread.  Lots of other -W options can be useful too, and patches are
34welcome to resolve the diagnostics.  Or if you're not using gcc, of
35course you shouldn't include it at all.
37This distribution also uses Gnulib (
38to share common files, with the files being checked in to CVS.  If you
39get automake/conf/etc. errors from ./, please try doing a CVS
40checkout of gnulib (in a separate directory to the texinfo checkout),
41and then run
42  ../gnulib/gnulib-tool --update
43in your top-level Texinfo directory.  (gnulib-tool is in the gnulib CVS tree.)
45For the record, a first time invocation would be
46  gnulib-tool --import --m4-base=gnulib/m4 --source-base=gnulib/lib \
47              --no-vc-files getopt
49Many more modules have been added since.  The currently-used gnulib
50modules and other gnulib information are recorded in
51gnulib/m4/gnulib-cache.m4.  Given a source checkout of gnulib, you can
52update the files with gnulib-tool --import.