xref: /sqlalchemy/tox.ini (revision f30e35ba)
19281e700SMike Bayer[tox]
2d7498cf4SMike Bayerenvlist = full,py26,py27,py33,py34
39281e700SMike Bayer
49281e700SMike Bayer[testenv]
59281e700SMike Bayerdeps=pytest
69281e700SMike Bayer     mock
79281e700SMike Bayer
8f30e35baSMike Bayer# -E     : ignore PYTHON* environment variables (such as PYTHONPATH)
9f30e35baSMike Bayer# -s     : don't add user site directory to sys.path; also PYTHONNOUSERSITE
10f30e35baSMike Bayer# the latter is picked up by conftest.py
11f30e35baSMike Bayersetenv=
12f30e35baSMike Bayer    PYTHONPATH=
13f30e35baSMike Bayer    PYTHONNOUSERSITE=1
14f30e35baSMike Bayer
15f30e35baSMike Bayer# don't accidentally use a SQLAlchemy that's globally installed during pip;
16f30e35baSMike Bayer# unfortunately, without usedevelop, no easy way to use systemwide
17f30e35baSMike Bayer# site-packages for dependencies
18f30e35baSMike Bayersitepackages=False
19f30e35baSMike Bayer
20f30e35baSMike Bayer# always install fully and use that; this way options like
21f30e35baSMike Bayer# DISABLE_SQLALCHEMY_CEXT are honored
22f30e35baSMike Bayerusedevelop=False
23f30e35baSMike Bayer
249281e700SMike Bayer
259281e700SMike Bayercommands=
2647a6ffe0SMike Bayer  python -m pytest {posargs}
279281e700SMike Bayer
2835551841SMike Bayer[testenv:full]
299281e700SMike Bayer
309281e700SMike Bayer
319281e700SMike Bayer[testenv:coverage]
32eaaaef6aSMike Bayersetenv=
33eaaaef6aSMike Bayer  DISABLE_SQLALCHEMY_CEXT=1
34eaaaef6aSMike Bayer
35d7498cf4SMike Bayer# see also .coveragerc
369d617468SGilles Dartiguelonguedeps=pytest-cov
379d617468SGilles Dartiguelongue     coverage
389d617468SGilles Dartiguelongue     mock
399281e700SMike Bayercommands=
40d7498cf4SMike Bayer  python -m pytest --cov=sqlalchemy --cov-report term --cov-report xml \
41d7498cf4SMike Bayer    --exclude-tag memory-intensive \
42d7498cf4SMike Bayer    --exclude-tag timing-intensive \
43d7498cf4SMike Bayer    -k "not aaa_profiling" \
44d7498cf4SMike Bayer    {posargs}
45d7498cf4SMike Bayer
469281e700SMike Bayer
479281e700SMike Bayer[testenv:pep8]
481217d6ceSMike Bayerdeps=flake8
4930ab1a02SMike Bayercommands = python -m flake8 {posargs}
509281e700SMike Bayer
519281e700SMike Bayer
529281e700SMike Bayer[flake8]
539281e700SMike Bayershow-source = True
54354e118fSMike Bayerignore = E711,E712,E721
559281e700SMike Bayerexclude=.venv,.git,.tox,dist,doc,*egg,build
569281e700SMike Bayer