xref: /sqlalchemy/tox.ini (revision a55a1a41)
16b051503SMike Bayer
29281e700SMike Bayer[tox]
3c312b3b2SMike Bayerenvlist = py
49281e700SMike Bayer
59281e700SMike Bayer[testenv]
649dfeda6SMike Bayer# note that we have a .coveragerc file that points coverage specifically
749dfeda6SMike Bayer# at ./lib/sqlalchemy, and *not* at the build that tox might create under .tox.
849dfeda6SMike Bayer# See the notes below for setenv for more detail.
949dfeda6SMike Bayer# also using --cov-append so that we can aggregate multiple runs together.
1049dfeda6SMike Bayer# Jenkins etc. need to call "coverage erase" externally.
1149dfeda6SMike Bayercov_args=--cov=sqlalchemy --cov-report term --cov-append --cov-report xml --exclude-tag memory-intensive --exclude-tag timing-intensive -k "not aaa_profiling"
1249dfeda6SMike Bayer
13f704f47aSMike Bayerinstall_command=python -m pip install {env:TOX_PIP_OPTS:} {opts} {packages}
1422800000SMike Bayer
15086ad9ceSMike Bayerusedevelop=
16086ad9ceSMike Bayer     cov: True
17d100bfcfSMike Bayer
18664290abSMike Bayerdeps=pytest!=3.9.1,!=3.9.2
193568e508SMike Bayer     pytest-xdist
200396fb76SMike Bayer     mock; python_version < '3.3'
21d1fe8f43SMike Bayer
22897cd176SMike Bayer     postgresql: .[postgresql]
23897cd176SMike Bayer     mysql: .[mysql]
24897cd176SMike Bayer     mysql: .[pymysql]
25897cd176SMike Bayer     oracle: .[oracle]
26897cd176SMike Bayer     mssql: .[mssql]
27d1fe8f43SMike Bayer
28d100bfcfSMike Bayer     cov: pytest-cov
299281e700SMike Bayer
3049dfeda6SMike Bayerwhitelist_externals=sh
3149dfeda6SMike Bayer
3249dfeda6SMike Bayer# PYTHONPATH - erased so that we use the build that's present
3349dfeda6SMike Bayer# in .tox as the SQLAlchemy library to be imported
3449dfeda6SMike Bayer#
3549dfeda6SMike Bayer# PYTHONUSERSITE - this *MUST* be set so that the ./lib/ import
3649dfeda6SMike Bayer# set up explicitly in test/conftest.py is *disabled*, again so that
3749dfeda6SMike Bayer# when SQLAlchemy is built into the .tox area, we use that and not the
3849dfeda6SMike Bayer# local checkout, at least when usedevelop=False
3949dfeda6SMike Bayer#
4049dfeda6SMike Bayer# BASECOMMAND - using an env variable here so we can use it
4149dfeda6SMike Bayer# as a substitution in a command (see https://bitbucket.org/hpk42/tox/issues/307/)
4249dfeda6SMike Bayer#
43ffb6fbf8SMike Bayer# only use --dropfirst option if we're *not* using -n;
44ffb6fbf8SMike Bayer# if -n is used, we're working in brand new DBs anyway, dropfirst
45ffb6fbf8SMike Bayer# will collide on CI environments
46f30e35baSMike Bayersetenv=
47f30e35baSMike Bayer    PYTHONPATH=
4849dfeda6SMike Bayer    PYTHONNOUSERSITE=1
49e2d4b2e7SMike Bayer    MEMUSAGE=--nomemory
5000309662SMike Bayer    BASECOMMAND=python -m pytest --log-info=sqlalchemy.testing
51086ad9ceSMike Bayer
523ceb87daSMike Bayer    WORKERS={env:TOX_WORKERS:-n4  --max-worker-restart=5}
53d1fe8f43SMike Bayer    oracle: WORKERS={env:TOX_WORKERS:-n2  --max-worker-restart=5}
54086ad9ceSMike Bayer    nocext: DISABLE_SQLALCHEMY_CEXT=1
55a54a0c6eSMike Bayer    cext: REQUIRE_SQLALCHEMY_CEXT=1
56086ad9ceSMike Bayer    cov: COVERAGE={[testenv]cov_args}
579e6393c6SMike Bayer    sqlite: SQLITE={env:TOX_SQLITE:--db sqlite}
5879a53645SGord Thompson    sqlite_file: SQLITE={env:TOX_SQLITE_FILE:--db sqlite_file}
599e6393c6SMike Bayer    postgresql: POSTGRESQL={env:TOX_POSTGRESQL:--db postgresql}
609e6393c6SMike Bayer    mysql: MYSQL={env:TOX_MYSQL:--db mysql --db pymysql}
61d1fe8f43SMike Bayer    oracle: ORACLE={env:TOX_ORACLE:--db oracle}
62f87570acSMike Bayer    mssql: MSSQL={env:TOX_MSSQL:--db mssql}
6379a53645SGord Thompson    oracle,mssql,sqlite_file: IDENTS=--write-idents db_idents.txt
64e2d4b2e7SMike Bayer    oracle,mssql,sqlite_file: MEMUSAGE=--nomemory
65086ad9ceSMike Bayer    backendonly: BACKENDONLY=--backend-only
66e2d4b2e7SMike Bayer    memusage: MEMUSAGE='-k test_memusage'
67f30e35baSMike Bayer
687f423e87SMike Bayer# tox as of 2.0 blocks all environment variables from the
697f423e87SMike Bayer# outside, unless they are here (or in TOX_TESTENV_PASSENV,
70077f26afSMike Bayer# wildcards OK).  Need at least these
727f423e87SMike Bayer
7349dfeda6SMike Bayer# for nocext, we rm *.so in lib in case we are doing usedevelop=True
749281e700SMike Bayercommands=
75c312b3b2SMike Bayer  cext: /bin/true
762efd89d0SMike Bayer  nocext: sh -c "rm -f lib/sqlalchemy/*.so"
77e2d4b2e7SMike Bayer  {env:BASECOMMAND} {env:WORKERS} {env:SQLITE:} {env:POSTGRESQL:} {env:MYSQL:} {env:ORACLE:} {env:MSSQL:} {env:BACKENDONLY:} {env:IDENTS:} {env:MEMUSAGE:} {env:COVERAGE:} {posargs}
7879a53645SGord Thompson  oracle,mssql,sqlite_file: python reap_dbs.py db_idents.txt
799281e700SMike Bayer
80d229360aSMike Bayer# thanks to https://julien.danjou.info/the-best-flake8-extensions/
819281e700SMike Bayer[testenv:pep8]
82b9d9d416SMike Bayerbasepython = python3.7
83d229360aSMike Bayerdeps=
84d229360aSMike Bayer      flake8
85d229360aSMike Bayer      flake8-import-order
86d229360aSMike Bayer      flake8-builtins
87a55a1a41SMike Bayer      flake8-docstrings>=1.3.1
88d229360aSMike Bayer      flake8-rst-docstrings
89a55a1a41SMike Bayer      # flake8-rst-docstrings depdendency, leaving it here
90a55a1a41SMike Bayer      # in case it requires a version pin
91a55a1a41SMike Bayer      pydocstyle
92d229360aSMike Bayer      pygments
93d8378f45SFederico Caselli      black==19.10b0
94d8378f45SFederico Casellicommands =
957ff6cf1eSMike Bayer     flake8 ./lib/ ./test/ ./examples/ setup.py doc/build/conf.py {posargs}
96d8378f45SFederico Caselli     black --check .
97c658540bSFederico Caselli
98c658540bSFederico Caselli# command run in the github action when cext are active.
99c658540bSFederico Caselli[testenv:github-cext]
100c658540bSFederico Casellicommands=
101e2d4b2e7SMike Bayer  python -m pytest {env:WORKERS} {env:SQLITE:} {env:POSTGRESQL:} {env:MYSQL:} {env:ORACLE:} {env:MSSQL:} {env:BACKENDONLY:} {env:IDENTS:} {env:MEMUSAGE:} {env:COVERAGE:} {posargs}
102c658540bSFederico Caselli  oracle,mssql,sqlite_file: python reap_dbs.py db_idents.txt
103c658540bSFederico Caselli
104c658540bSFederico Caselli# command run in the github action when cext are not active.
105c658540bSFederico Caselli[testenv:github-nocext]
106c658540bSFederico Casellicommands=
107e2d4b2e7SMike Bayer  python -m pytest {env:WORKERS} {env:SQLITE:} {env:POSTGRESQL:} {env:MYSQL:} {env:ORACLE:} {env:MSSQL:} {env:BACKENDONLY:} {env:IDENTS:} {env:MEMUSAGE:} {env:COVERAGE:} {posargs}
1087ff6cf1eSMike Bayer  oracle,mssql,sqlite_file: python reap_dbs.py db_idents.txt