12efd89d0SMike Bayer"""Drop Oracle, SQL Server databases that are left over from a
211a8440bSMike Bayermultiprocessing test run.
311a8440bSMike Bayer
411a8440bSMike BayerCurrently the cx_Oracle driver seems to sometimes not release a
511a8440bSMike BayerTCP connection even if close() is called, which prevents the provisioning
611a8440bSMike Bayersystem from dropping a database in-process.
711a8440bSMike Bayer
82efd89d0SMike BayerFor SQL Server, databases still remain in use after tests run and
92efd89d0SMike Bayerrunning a kill of all detected sessions does not seem to release the
102efd89d0SMike Bayerdatabase in process.
112efd89d0SMike Bayer
1211a8440bSMike Bayer"""
1311a8440bSMike Bayerimport logging
14eb28ebb0SMike Bayerimport sys
1511a8440bSMike Bayer
161e278de4SMike Bayerfrom sqlalchemy.testing import provision
171e278de4SMike Bayer
181e278de4SMike Bayer
1911a8440bSMike Bayerlogging.basicConfig()
2011a8440bSMike Bayerlogging.getLogger(provision.__name__).setLevel(logging.INFO)
2111a8440bSMike Bayer
222efd89d0SMike Bayerprovision.reap_dbs(sys.argv[1])