14bac9453SMike Bayer# any kind of "*" pulls in __init__.pyc files,
24bac9453SMike Bayer# so all extensions are explicit.
34bac9453SMike Bayer
469273befSMichael Howitzrecursive-include doc *.html *.css *.txt *.js *.png *.py Makefile *.rst *.sty
54bac9453SMike Bayerrecursive-include examples *.py *.xml
6803a2373SMike Bayerrecursive-include test *.py *.dat *.testpatch
74bac9453SMike Bayer
84bac9453SMike Bayer# include the c extensions, which otherwise
94bac9453SMike Bayer# don't come in if --with-cextensions isn't specified.
105e188cceSBrad Allenrecursive-include lib *.c *.txt
114bac9453SMike Bayer
129fff85c8SMike Bayerinclude README* AUTHORS LICENSE CHANGES* tox.ini
13a829db8dSMike Bayerprune doc/build/output
14f2a817ddSMike Bayer
15f2a817ddSMike Bayer# don't include pyproject.toml until we
16f2a817ddSMike Bayer# have explicitly built a pep-517 backend
17f2a817ddSMike Bayerexclude pyproject.toml