1This repository contains the source code for the ARM side libraries used on Raspberry Pi.
2These typically are installed in /opt/vc/lib and includes source for the ARM side code to interface to:
3EGL, mmal, GLESv2, vcos, openmaxil, vchiq_arm, bcm_host, WFC, OpenVG.
5Use buildme to build. It requires cmake to be installed and an ARM cross compiler. For 32-bit cross compilation it is set up to use this one:
8Whilst 64-bit userspace is not officially supported, some of the libraries will work for it. To cross compile, install gcc-aarch64-linux-gnu and g++-aarch64-linux-gnu first. For both native and cross compiles, add the option ```--aarch64``` to the buildme command.
10Note that this repository does not contain the source for the edidparser and vcdbg binaries due to licensing restrictions.