10b44a031SRich Felker
24b0f39cbSRich Felker    musl libc
34b0f39cbSRich Felker
44b0f39cbSRich Felkermusl, pronounced like the word "mussel", is an MIT-licensed
54b0f39cbSRich Felkerimplementation of the standard C library targetting the Linux syscall
64b0f39cbSRich FelkerAPI, suitable for use in a wide range of deployment environments. musl
74b0f39cbSRich Felkeroffers efficient static and dynamic linking support, lightweight code
84b0f39cbSRich Felkerand low runtime overhead, strong fail-safe guarantees under correct
94b0f39cbSRich Felkerusage, and correctness in the sense of standards conformance and
104b0f39cbSRich Felkersafety. musl is built on the principle that these goals are best
114b0f39cbSRich Felkerachieved through simple code that is easy to understand and maintain.
124b0f39cbSRich Felker
138facd563SRich FelkerThe 1.1 release series for musl features coverage for all interfaces
144b0f39cbSRich Felkerdefined in ISO C99 and POSIX 2008 base, along with a number of
154b0f39cbSRich Felkernon-standardized interfaces for compatibility with Linux, BSD, and
16b427d847SRich Felkerglibc functionality.
174b0f39cbSRich Felker
184b0f39cbSRich FelkerFor basic installation instructions, see the included INSTALL file.
194b0f39cbSRich FelkerInformation on full musl-targeted compiler toolchains, system
204b0f39cbSRich Felkerbootstrapping, and Linux distributions built on musl can be found on
214b0f39cbSRich Felkerthe project website:
220b44a031SRich Felker
233ffb556cSRich Felker    http://www.musl-libc.org/