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..27-Apr.-20224 KiB

.clang-formatH A D11-Apr.-20224.8 KiB

.gitattributesH A D13-Aug.-201758

.gitignoreH A D13-Aug.-2017323

abi-tagsH A D13-Aug.-20171.2 KiB

aclocal.m4H A D05-Jun.-20229.8 KiB

argp/H04-Jul.-20224 KiB

assert/H03-Aug.-20224 KiB

benchtests/H22-Jul.-20224 KiB

bits/HToday4 KiB

catgets/H01-Jun.-20224 KiB

ChangeLog.old/H29-Jul.-20224 KiB

config.h.inH A D26-Jul.-20228.1 KiB

config.make.inH A D13-May-20223.8 KiB

configureH A D13-May-2022239.1 KiB

configure.acH A D13-May-202254.9 KiB

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CONTRIBUTED-BYH A D03-Sep.-2021320.9 KiB

COPYINGH A D13-Aug.-201717.7 KiB

COPYING.LIBH A D13-Aug.-201725.9 KiB

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csu/H16-May-20224 KiB

ctype/H01-Jan.-20224 KiB

debug/H03-Aug.-20224 KiB

dirent/H14-Mar.-20224 KiB

dlfcn/H04-Aug.-20224 KiB

elf/H11-Aug.-202232 KiB

extra-lib.mkH A D13-Aug.-20173.8 KiB

gen-locales.mkH A D27-Feb.-2018940

gmon/H01-Jan.-20224 KiB

gnulib/H01-Jan.-20224 KiB

grp/H14-Mar.-20224 KiB

gshadow/H14-Mar.-20224 KiB

hesiod/H01-Jan.-20224 KiB

htl/H01-Aug.-20224 KiB

hurd/H14-Apr.-20224 KiB

iconv/H14-Jun.-20224 KiB

iconvdata/H06-Jul.-202216 KiB

include/H03-Aug.-20224 KiB

inet/H10-Aug.-20224 KiB

INSTALLH A D29-Jul.-202234.8 KiB

intl/H26-Jan.-20224 KiB

io/H05-Jun.-20224 KiB

libc-abisH A D11-Jan.-20212 KiB

libio/H01-Aug.-202212 KiB

libof-iterator.mkH A D13-Aug.-2017291

LICENSESH A D27-Jul.-202218.5 KiB

locale/H22-Jul.-20224 KiB

localedata/H21-Apr.-20224 KiB

login/H01-Jan.-20224 KiB

mach/H14-Feb.-20224 KiB

MAINTAINERSH A D13-Aug.-201750

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MakefileH A D05-Jun.-202221.8 KiB

Makefile.helpH A D01-Jan.-20221.4 KiB

Makefile.inH A D13-Aug.-2017566

MakerulesH A D26-Jun.-202251.8 KiB

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manual/H04-Aug.-20224 KiB

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mathvec/H01-Jan.-20224 KiB

misc/H24-Jun.-20224 KiB

NEWSH A D31-Jul.-2022335.9 KiB

nis/H01-Jan.-20224 KiB

nptl/H22-Jul.-202228 KiB

nptl_db/H08-Jun.-20224 KiB

nscd/H23-Mar.-20224 KiB

nss/H09-Jun.-20224 KiB

o-iterator.mkH A D13-Aug.-2017358

po/H29-Jul.-20224 KiB

posix/H05-Jul.-202212 KiB

pwd/H01-Jan.-20224 KiB

READMEH A D26-Jul.-20223.2 KiB

resolv/H24-Jun.-20224 KiB

resource/H01-Jan.-20224 KiB

rt/H30-Jun.-20224 KiB

RulesH A D01-Jan.-202215 KiB

scripts/H12-Aug.-20224 KiB

setjmp/H01-Jan.-20224 KiB

shadow/H14-Mar.-20224 KiB

SHARED-FILESH A D22-Sep.-20216.1 KiB

shlib-versionsH A D11-Mar.-20222.3 KiB

signal/H30-Jun.-20224 KiB

socket/H02-Aug.-20224 KiB

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sunrpc/H17-Jan.-20224 KiB

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test-skeleton.cH A D01-Jan.-20222.9 KiB

time/H06-Jun.-20224 KiB

timezone/H12-Jan.-20224 KiB

version.hH A D31-Jul.-2022125

wcsmbs/H01-Aug.-20224 KiB

wctype/H01-Jan.-20224 KiB


1This directory contains the sources of the GNU C Library.
2See the file "version.h" for what release version you have.
4The GNU C Library is the standard system C library for all GNU systems,
5and is an important part of what makes up a GNU system.  It provides the
6system API for all programs written in C and C-compatible languages such
7as C++ and Objective C; the runtime facilities of other programming
8languages use the C library to access the underlying operating system.
10In GNU/Linux systems, the C library works with the Linux kernel to
11implement the operating system behavior seen by user applications.
12In GNU/Hurd systems, it works with a microkernel and Hurd servers.
14The GNU C Library implements much of the POSIX.1 functionality in the
15GNU/Hurd system, using configurations i[4567]86-*-gnu.
17When working with Linux kernels, this version of the GNU C Library
18requires Linux kernel version 3.2 or later.
20Also note that the shared version of the libgcc_s library must be
21installed for the pthread library to work correctly.
23The GNU C Library supports these configurations for using Linux kernels:
25	aarch64*-*-linux-gnu
26	alpha*-*-linux-gnu
27	arc*-*-linux-gnu
28	arm-*-linux-gnueabi
29	csky-*-linux-gnuabiv2
30	hppa-*-linux-gnu
31	i[4567]86-*-linux-gnu
32	x86_64-*-linux-gnu	Can build either x86_64 or x32
33	ia64-*-linux-gnu
34	loongarch64-*-linux-gnu Hardware floating point, LE only.
35	m68k-*-linux-gnu
36	microblaze*-*-linux-gnu
37	mips-*-linux-gnu
38	mips64-*-linux-gnu
39	or1k-*-linux-gnu
40	powerpc-*-linux-gnu	Hardware or software floating point, BE only.
41	powerpc64*-*-linux-gnu	Big-endian and little-endian.
42	s390-*-linux-gnu
43	s390x-*-linux-gnu
44	riscv32-*-linux-gnu
45	riscv64-*-linux-gnu
46	sh[34]-*-linux-gnu
47	sparc*-*-linux-gnu
48	sparc64*-*-linux-gnu
50If you are interested in doing a port, please contact the glibc
51maintainers; see https://www.gnu.org/software/libc/ for more
54See the file INSTALL to find out how to configure, build, and install
55the GNU C Library.  You might also consider reading the WWW pages for
56the C library at https://www.gnu.org/software/libc/.
58The GNU C Library is (almost) completely documented by the Texinfo manual
59found in the `manual/' subdirectory.  The manual is still being updated
60and contains some known errors and omissions; we regret that we do not
61have the resources to work on the manual as much as we would like.  For
62corrections to the manual, please file a bug in the `manual' component,
63following the bug-reporting instructions below.  Please be sure to check
64the manual in the current development sources to see if your problem has
65already been corrected.
67Please see https://www.gnu.org/software/libc/bugs.html for bug reporting
68information.  We are now using the Bugzilla system to track all bug reports.
69This web page gives detailed information on how to report bugs properly.
71The GNU C Library is free software.  See the file COPYING.LIB for copying
72conditions, and LICENSES for notices about a few contributions that require
73these additional notices to be distributed.  License copyright years may be
74listed using range notation, e.g., 1996-2015, indicating that every year in
75the range, inclusive, is a copyrightable year that would otherwise be listed