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7## Introduction
9GLFW is an Open Source, multi-platform library for OpenGL, OpenGL ES and Vulkan
10application development.  It provides a simple, platform-independent API for
11creating windows, contexts and surfaces, reading input, handling events, etc.
13GLFW natively supports Windows, macOS and Linux and other Unix-like systems.  On
14Linux both X11 and Wayland are supported.
16GLFW is licensed under the [zlib/libpng
19You can [download](https://www.glfw.org/download.html) the latest stable release
20as source or Windows binaries, or fetch the `latest` branch from GitHub.  Each
21release starting with 3.0 also has a corresponding [annotated
22tag](https://github.com/glfw/glfw/releases) with source and binary archives.
24The [documentation](https://www.glfw.org/docs/latest/) is available online and is
25included in all source and binary archives.  See the [release
26notes](https://www.glfw.org/docs/latest/news.html) for new features, caveats and
27deprecations in the latest release.  For more details see the [version
30The `master` branch is the stable integration branch and _should_ always compile
31and run on all supported platforms, although details of newly added features may
32change until they have been included in a release.  New features and many bug
33fixes live in [other branches](https://github.com/glfw/glfw/branches/all) until
34they are stable enough to merge.
36If you are new to GLFW, you may find the
37[tutorial](https://www.glfw.org/docs/latest/quick.html) for GLFW 3 useful.  If
38you have used GLFW 2 in the past, there is a [transition
39guide](https://www.glfw.org/docs/latest/moving.html) for moving to the GLFW
403 API.
42GLFW exists because of the contributions of [many people](CONTRIBUTORS.md)
43around the world, whether by reporting bugs, providing community support, adding
44features, reviewing or testing code, debugging, proofreading docs, suggesting
45features or fixing bugs.
48## Compiling GLFW
50GLFW itself requires only the headers and libraries for your OS and window
51system.  It does not need the headers for any context creation API (WGL, GLX,
52EGL, NSGL, OSMesa) or rendering API (OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Vulkan) to enable
53support for them.
55GLFW supports compilation on Windows with Visual C++ 2010 and later, MinGW and
56MinGW-w64, on macOS with Clang and on Linux and other Unix-like systems with GCC
57and Clang.  It will likely compile in other environments as well, but this is
58not regularly tested.
60There are [pre-compiled Windows binaries](https://www.glfw.org/download.html)
61available for all supported compilers.
63See the [compilation guide](https://www.glfw.org/docs/latest/compile.html) for
64more information about how to compile GLFW yourself.
67## Using GLFW
69See the [documentation](https://www.glfw.org/docs/latest/) for tutorials, guides
70and the API reference.
73## Contributing to GLFW
75See the [contribution
76guide](https://github.com/glfw/glfw/blob/master/docs/CONTRIBUTING.md) for
77more information.
80## System requirements
82GLFW supports Windows XP and later and macOS 10.8 and later.  Linux and other
83Unix-like systems running the X Window System are supported even without
84a desktop environment or modern extensions, although some features require
85a running window or clipboard manager.  The OSMesa backend requires Mesa 6.3.
87See the [compatibility guide](https://www.glfw.org/docs/latest/compat.html)
88in the documentation for more information.
91## Dependencies
93GLFW itself needs only CMake 3.1 or later and the headers and libraries for your
94OS and window system.
96The examples and test programs depend on a number of tiny libraries.  These are
97located in the `deps/` directory.
99 - [getopt\_port](https://github.com/kimgr/getopt_port/) for examples
100   with command-line options
101 - [TinyCThread](https://github.com/tinycthread/tinycthread) for threaded
102   examples
103 - [glad2](https://github.com/Dav1dde/glad) for loading OpenGL and Vulkan
104   functions
105 - [linmath.h](https://github.com/datenwolf/linmath.h) for linear algebra in
106   examples
107 - [Nuklear](https://github.com/Immediate-Mode-UI/Nuklear) for test and example UI
108 - [stb\_image\_write](https://github.com/nothings/stb) for writing images to disk
110The documentation is generated with [Doxygen](https://doxygen.org/) if CMake can
111find that tool.
114## Reporting bugs
116Bugs are reported to our [issue tracker](https://github.com/glfw/glfw/issues).
117Please check the [contribution
118guide](https://github.com/glfw/glfw/blob/master/docs/CONTRIBUTING.md) for
119information on what to include when reporting a bug.
122## Changelog
124 - Added `GLFW_PLATFORM` init hint for runtime platform selection (#1958)
127   specify the desired platform (#1958)
128 - Added `glfwGetPlatform` function to query what platform was selected (#1655,#1958)
129 - Added `glfwPlatformSupported` function to query if a platform is supported
130   (#1655,#1958)
131 - Added `glfwInitAllocator` for setting a custom memory allocator (#544,#1628,#1947)
132 - Added `GLFWallocator` struct and `GLFWallocatefun`, `GLFWreallocatefun` and
133   `GLFWdeallocatefun` types (#544,#1628,#1947)
134 - Added `glfwInitVulkanLoader` for using a non-default Vulkan loader (#1374,#1890)
136   `GLFW_RESIZE_ALL_CURSOR` and `GLFW_NOT_ALLOWED_CURSOR` cursor shapes (#427)
137 - Added `GLFW_RESIZE_EW_CURSOR` alias for `GLFW_HRESIZE_CURSOR` (#427)
138 - Added `GLFW_RESIZE_NS_CURSOR` alias for `GLFW_VRESIZE_CURSOR` (#427)
139 - Added `GLFW_POINTING_HAND_CURSOR` alias for `GLFW_HAND_CURSOR` (#427)
140 - Added `GLFW_MOUSE_PASSTHROUGH` window hint for letting mouse input pass
141   through the window (#1236,#1568)
142 - Added `GLFW_PLATFORM_UNAVAILABLE` error for platform detection failures (#1958)
143 - Added `GLFW_FEATURE_UNAVAILABLE` error for platform limitations (#1692)
144 - Added `GLFW_FEATURE_UNIMPLEMENTED` error for incomplete backends (#1692)
146   values to select ANGLE backend (#1380)
147 - Added `GLFW_X11_XCB_VULKAN_SURFACE` init hint for selecting X11 Vulkan
148   surface extension (#1793)
149 - Added `GLFW_NATIVE_INCLUDE_NONE` for disabling inclusion of native headers (#1348)
150 - Added `GLFW_BUILD_WIN32` CMake option for enabling Win32 support (#1958)
151 - Added `GLFW_BUILD_COCOA` CMake option for enabling Cocoa support (#1958)
152 - Added `GLFW_BUILD_X11` CMake option for enabling X11 support (#1958)
153 - Added `GLFW_LIBRARY_TYPE` CMake variable for overriding the library type
154   (#279,#1307,#1497,#1574,#1928)
156   variables exposing pkg-config dependencies (#1307)
157 - Made joystick subsystem initialize at first use (#1284,#1646)
158 - Made `GLFW_DOUBLEBUFFER` a read-only window attribute
159 - Updated the minimum required CMake version to 3.1
160 - Updated gamepad mappings from upstream
161 - Disabled tests and examples by default when built as a CMake subdirectory
162 - Renamed `GLFW_USE_WAYLAND` CMake option to `GLFW_BUILD_WAYLAND` (#1958)
163 - Removed `GLFW_USE_OSMESA` CMake option enabling the Null platform (#1958)
164 - Removed CMake generated configuration header
165 - Bugfix: The CMake config-file package used an absolute path and was not
166   relocatable (#1470)
167 - Bugfix: Video modes with a duplicate screen area were discarded (#1555,#1556)
168 - Bugfix: Compiling with -Wextra-semi caused warnings (#1440)
169 - Bugfix: Built-in mappings failed because some OEMs re-used VID/PID (#1583)
170 - Bugfix: Some extension loader headers did not prevent default OpenGL header
171   inclusion (#1695)
172 - Bugfix: Buffers were swapped at creation on single-buffered windows (#1873)
173 - Bugfix: Gamepad mapping updates could spam `GLFW_INVALID_VALUE` due to
174   incompatible controllers sharing hardware ID (#1763)
175 - Bugfix: Native access functions for context handles did not check that the API matched
176 - Bugfix: `glfwMakeContextCurrent` would access TLS slot before initialization
177 - Bugfix: `glfwSetGammaRamp` could emit `GLFW_INVALID_VALUE` before initialization
178 - Bugfix: `glfwGetJoystickUserPointer` returned `NULL` during disconnection (#2092)
179 - [Win32] Added the `GLFW_WIN32_KEYBOARD_MENU` window hint for enabling access
180           to the window menu
181 - [Win32] Added a version info resource to the GLFW DLL
182 - [Win32] Made hidden helper window use its own window class
183 - [Win32] Disabled framebuffer transparency on Windows 7 when DWM windows are
184   opaque (#1512)
185 - [Win32] Bugfix: `GLFW_INCLUDE_VULKAN` plus `VK_USE_PLATFORM_WIN32_KHR` caused
186   symbol redefinition (#1524)
187 - [Win32] Bugfix: The cursor position event was emitted before its cursor enter
188   event (#1490)
189 - [Win32] Bugfix: The window hint `GLFW_MAXIMIZED` did not move or resize the
190   window (#1499)
191 - [Win32] Bugfix: Disabled cursor mode interfered with some non-client actions
192 - [Win32] Bugfix: Super key was not released after Win+V hotkey (#1622)
193 - [Win32] Bugfix: `glfwGetKeyName` could access out of bounds and return an
194   invalid pointer
195 - [Win32] Bugfix: Some synthetic key events were reported as `GLFW_KEY_UNKNOWN`
196   (#1623)
197 - [Win32] Bugfix: Non-BMP Unicode codepoint input was reported as UTF-16
198 - [Win32] Bugfix: Monitor functions could return invalid values after
199   configuration change (#1761)
200 - [Win32] Bugfix: Initialization would segfault on Windows 8 (not 8.1) (#1775)
201 - [Win32] Bugfix: Duplicate size events were not filtered (#1610)
202 - [Win32] Bugfix: Full screen windows were incorrectly resized by DPI changes
203   (#1582)
204 - [Win32] Bugfix: `GLFW_SCALE_TO_MONITOR` had no effect on systems older than
205   Windows 10 version 1703 (#1511)
206 - [Win32] Bugfix: `USE_MSVC_RUNTIME_LIBRARY_DLL` had no effect on CMake 3.15 or
207   later (#1783,#1796)
208 - [Win32] Bugfix: Compilation with LLVM for Windows failed (#1807,#1824,#1874)
209 - [Win32] Bugfix: The foreground lock timeout was overridden, ignoring the user
210 - [Win32] Bugfix: Content scale queries could fail silently (#1615)
211 - [Win32] Bugfix: Content scales could have garbage values if monitor was recently
212   disconnected (#1615)
213 - [Win32] Bugfix: A window created maximized and undecorated would cover the whole
214   monitor (#1806)
215 - [Win32] Bugfix: The default restored window position was lost when creating a maximized
216   window
217 - [Win32] Bugfix: `glfwMaximizeWindow` would make a hidden window visible
218 - [Win32] Bugfix: `Alt+PrtSc` would emit `GLFW_KEY_UNKNOWN` and a different
219   scancode than `PrtSc` (#1993)
220 - [Win32] Bugfix: `GLFW_KEY_PAUSE` scancode from `glfwGetKeyScancode` did not
221   match event scancode (#1993)
222 - [Win32] Bugfix: Instance-local operations used executable instance (#469,#1296,#1395)
223 - [Win32] Bugfix: The OSMesa library was not unloaded on termination
224 - [Cocoa] Added support for `VK_EXT_metal_surface` (#1619)
225 - [Cocoa] Added locating the Vulkan loader at runtime in an application bundle
226 - [Cocoa] Moved main menu creation to GLFW initialization time (#1649)
227 - [Cocoa] Changed `EGLNativeWindowType` from `NSView` to `CALayer` (#1169)
228 - [Cocoa] Changed F13 key to report Print Screen for cross-platform consistency
229   (#1786)
230 - [Cocoa] Removed dependency on the CoreVideo framework
231 - [Cocoa] Bugfix: `glfwSetWindowSize` used a bottom-left anchor point (#1553)
232 - [Cocoa] Bugfix: Window remained on screen after destruction until event poll
233   (#1412)
234 - [Cocoa] Bugfix: Event processing before window creation would assert (#1543)
235 - [Cocoa] Bugfix: Undecorated windows could not be iconified on recent macOS
236 - [Cocoa] Bugfix: Touching event queue from secondary thread before main thread
237   would abort (#1649)
238 - [Cocoa] Bugfix: Non-BMP Unicode codepoint input was reported as UTF-16
239   (#1635)
240 - [Cocoa] Bugfix: Failing to retrieve the refresh rate of built-in displays
241   could leak memory
242 - [Cocoa] Bugfix: Objective-C files were compiled as C with CMake 3.19 (#1787)
243 - [Cocoa] Bugfix: Duplicate video modes were not filtered out (#1830)
244 - [Cocoa] Bugfix: Menu bar was not clickable on macOS 10.15+ until it lost and
245   regained focus (#1648,#1802)
246 - [Cocoa] Bugfix: Monitor name query could segfault on macOS 11 (#1809,#1833)
247 - [Cocoa] Bugfix: The install name of the installed dylib was relative (#1504)
248 - [Cocoa] Bugfix: The MoltenVK layer contents scale was updated only after
249   related events were emitted
250 - [Cocoa] Bugfix: Moving the cursor programmatically would freeze it for
251   a fraction of a second (#1962)
252 - [Cocoa] Bugfix: `kIOMasterPortDefault` was deprecated in macOS 12.0 (#1980)
253 - [Cocoa] Bugfix: `kUTTypeURL` was deprecated in macOS 12.0 (#2003)
254 - [Cocoa] Bugfix: A connected Apple AirPlay would emit a useless error (#1791)
255 - [Cocoa] Bugfix: The EGL and OSMesa libraries were not unloaded on termination
256 - [X11] Bugfix: The CMake files did not check for the XInput headers (#1480)
257 - [X11] Bugfix: Key names were not updated when the keyboard layout changed
258   (#1462,#1528)
259 - [X11] Bugfix: Decorations could not be enabled after window creation (#1566)
260 - [X11] Bugfix: Content scale fallback value could be inconsistent (#1578)
261 - [X11] Bugfix: `glfwMaximizeWindow` had no effect on hidden windows
262 - [X11] Bugfix: Clearing `GLFW_FLOATING` on a hidden window caused invalid read
263 - [X11] Bugfix: Changing `GLFW_FLOATING` on a hidden window could silently fail
264 - [X11] Bugfix: Disabled cursor mode was interrupted by indicator windows
265 - [X11] Bugfix: Monitor physical dimensions could be reported as zero mm
266 - [X11] Bugfix: Window position events were not emitted during resizing (#1613)
267 - [X11] Bugfix: `glfwFocusWindow` could terminate on older WMs or without a WM
268 - [X11] Bugfix: Querying a disconnected monitor could segfault (#1602)
269 - [X11] Bugfix: IME input of CJK was broken for "C" locale (#1587,#1636)
270 - [X11] Bugfix: Termination would segfault if the IM had been destroyed
271 - [X11] Bugfix: Any IM started after initialization would not be detected
272 - [X11] Bugfix: Xlib errors caused by other parts of the application could be
273   reported as GLFW errors
274 - [X11] Bugfix: A handle race condition could cause a `BadWindow` error (#1633)
275 - [X11] Bugfix: XKB path used keysyms instead of physical locations for
276   non-printable keys (#1598)
277 - [X11] Bugfix: Function keys were mapped to `GLFW_KEY_UNKNOWN` for some layout
278   combinations (#1598)
279 - [X11] Bugfix: Keys pressed simultaneously with others were not always
280   reported (#1112,#1415,#1472,#1616)
281 - [X11] Bugfix: Some window attributes were not applied on leaving fullscreen
282   (#1863)
283 - [X11] Bugfix: Changing `GLFW_FLOATING` could leak memory
284 - [X11] Bugfix: Icon pixel format conversion worked only by accident, relying on
285   undefined behavior (#1986)
286 - [X11] Bugfix: Dynamic loading on OpenBSD failed due to soname differences
287 - [X11] Bugfix: Waiting for events would fail if file descriptor was too large
288   (#2024)
289 - [X11] Bugfix: Joystick events could lead to busy-waiting (#1872)
290 - [X11] Bugfix: `glfwWaitEvents*` did not continue for joystick events
291 - [X11] Bugfix: `glfwPostEmptyEvent` could be ignored due to race condition
292   (#379,#1281,#1285,#2033)
293 - [X11] Bugfix: Dynamic loading on NetBSD failed due to soname differences
294 - [X11] Bugfix: Left shift of int constant relied on undefined behavior (#1951)
295 - [X11] Bugfix: The OSMesa libray was not unloaded on termination
296 - [X11] Bugfix: A malformed response during selection transfer could cause a segfault
297 - [X11] Bugfix: Some calls would reset Xlib to the default error handler (#2108)
298 - [Wayland] Added dynamic loading of all Wayland libraries
299 - [Wayland] Added support for key names via xkbcommon
300 - [Wayland] Added support for file path drop events (#2040)
301 - [Wayland] Added support for more human-readable monitor names where available
302 - [Wayland] Removed support for `wl_shell` (#1443)
303 - [Wayland] Bugfix: The `GLFW_HAND_CURSOR` shape used the wrong image (#1432)
304 - [Wayland] Bugfix: `CLOCK_MONOTONIC` was not correctly enabled
305 - [Wayland] Bugfix: Repeated keys could be reported with `NULL` window (#1704)
306 - [Wayland] Bugfix: Retrieving partial framebuffer size would segfault
307 - [Wayland] Bugfix: Scrolling offsets were inverted compared to other platforms
308   (#1463)
309 - [Wayland] Bugfix: Client-Side Decorations were destroyed in the wrong order
310   (#1798)
311 - [Wayland] Bugfix: Monitors physical size could report zero (#1784,#1792)
312 - [Wayland] Bugfix: Some keys were not repeating in Wayland (#1908)
313 - [Wayland] Bugfix: Non-arrow cursors are offset from the hotspot (#1706,#1899)
314 - [Wayland] Bugfix: The `O_CLOEXEC` flag was not defined on FreeBSD
315 - [Wayland] Bugfix: Key repeat could lead to a race condition (#1710)
316 - [Wayland] Bugfix: Activating a window would emit two input focus events
317 - [Wayland] Bugfix: Disable key repeat mechanism when window loses input focus
318 - [Wayland] Bugfix: Window hiding and showing did not work (#1492,#1731)
319 - [Wayland] Bugfix: A key being repeated was not released when window lost focus
320 - [Wayland] Bugfix: Showing a hidden window did not emit a window refresh event
321 - [Wayland] Bugfix: Full screen window creation did not ignore `GLFW_VISIBLE`
322 - [Wayland] Bugfix: Some keys were reported as wrong key or `GLFW_KEY_UNKNOWN`
323 - [Wayland] Bugfix: Text input did not repeat along with key repeat
324 - [Wayland] Bugfix: `glfwPostEmptyEvent` sometimes had no effect (#1520,#1521)
325 - [Wayland] Bugfix: `glfwSetClipboardString` would fail if set to result of
326   `glfwGetClipboardString`
327 - [Wayland] Bugfix: Data source creation error would cause double free at termination
328 - [Wayland] Bugfix: Partial writes of clipboard string would cause beginning to repeat
329 - [Wayland] Bugfix: Some errors would cause clipboard string transfer to hang
330 - [Wayland] Bugfix: Drag and drop data was misinterpreted as clipboard string
331 - [Wayland] Bugfix: MIME type matching was not performed for clipboard string
332 - [Wayland] Bugfix: The OSMesa library was not unloaded on termination
333 - [Wayland] Bugfix: `glfwCreateWindow` could emit `GLFW_FEATURE_UNAVAILABLE`
334 - [Wayland] Bugfix: Lock key modifier bits were only set when lock keys were pressed
335 - [Wayland] Bugfix: A window leaving full screen mode would be iconified (#1995)
336 - [Wayland] Bugfix: A window leaving full screen mode ignored its desired size
337 - [Wayland] Bugfix: `glfwSetWindowMonitor` did not update windowed mode size
338 - [Wayland] Bugfix: `glfwRestoreWindow` would make a full screen window windowed
339 - [Wayland] Bugfix: A window maximized or restored by the user would enter an
340   inconsistent state
341 - [Wayland] Bugfix: Window maximization events were not emitted
342 - [Wayland] Bugfix: `glfwRestoreWindow` assumed it was always in windowed mode
343 - [Wayland] Bugfix: `glfwSetWindowSize` would resize a full screen window
344 - [Wayland] Bugfix: A window content scale event would be emitted every time
345   the window resized
346 - [Wayland] Bugfix: If `glfwInit` failed it would close stdin
347 - [Wayland] Bugfix: Manual resizing with fallback decorations behaved erratically
348   (#1991,#2115,#2127)
349 - [Wayland] Bugfix: Size limits included frame size for fallback decorations
350 - [Wayland] Bugfix: Updating `GLFW_DECORATED` had no effect on server-side
351   decorations
352 - [Wayland] Bugfix: A monitor would be reported as connected again if its scale
353   changed
354 - [Wayland] Bugfix: `glfwTerminate` would segfault if any monitor had changed
355   scale
356 - [Wayland] Bugfix: Window content scale events were not emitted when monitor
357   scale changed
358 - [Wayland] Bugfix: `glfwSetWindowAspectRatio` reported an error instead of
359   applying the specified ratio
360 - [Wayland] Bugfix: `GLFW_MAXIMIZED` window hint had no effect
361 - [Wayland] Bugfix: `glfwRestoreWindow` had no effect before first show
362 - [Wayland] Bugfix: Hiding and then showing a window caused program abort on
363   wlroots compositors (#1268)
364 - [Wayland] Bugfix: `GLFW_DECORATED` was ignored when showing a window with XDG
365   decorations
366 - [POSIX] Removed use of deprecated function `gettimeofday`
367 - [POSIX] Bugfix: `CLOCK_MONOTONIC` was not correctly tested for or enabled
368 - [WGL] Disabled the DWM swap interval hack for Windows 8 and later (#1072)
369 - [NSGL] Removed enforcement of forward-compatible flag for core contexts
370 - [NSGL] Bugfix: `GLFW_COCOA_RETINA_FRAMEBUFFER` had no effect on newer
371   macOS versions (#1442)
372 - [NSGL] Bugfix: Workaround for swap interval on 10.14 broke on 10.12 (#1483)
373 - [NSGL] Bugfix: Defining `GL_SILENCE_DEPRECATION` externally caused
374   a duplicate definition warning (#1840)
375 - [EGL] Added platform selection via the `EGL_EXT_platform_base` extension
376   (#442)
377 - [EGL] Added ANGLE backend selection via `EGL_ANGLE_platform_angle` extension
378   (#1380)
379 - [EGL] Bugfix: The `GLFW_DOUBLEBUFFER` context attribute was ignored (#1843)
380 - [GLX] Bugfix: Context creation failed if GLX 1.4 was not exported by GLX library
383## Contact
385On [glfw.org](https://www.glfw.org/) you can find the latest version of GLFW, as
386well as news, documentation and other information about the project.
388If you have questions related to the use of GLFW, we have a
389[forum](https://discourse.glfw.org/), and the `#glfw` IRC channel on
392If you have a bug to report, a patch to submit or a feature you'd like to
393request, please file it in the
394[issue tracker](https://github.com/glfw/glfw/issues) on GitHub.
396Finally, if you're interested in helping out with the development of GLFW or
397porting it to your favorite platform, join us on the forum, GitHub or IRC.