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ares_parse_soa_reply.3H A D29-Aug-20172.1 KiB

ares_parse_soa_reply.cH A D29-Aug-20173.2 KiB

ares_parse_srv_reply.3H A D29-Aug-20172.3 KiB

ares_parse_srv_reply.cH A D29-Aug-20174.7 KiB

ares_parse_txt_reply.3H A D29-Aug-20173.4 KiB

ares_parse_txt_reply.cH A D29-Aug-20175.9 KiB

ares_platform.cH A D10-Feb-2018481.6 KiB

ares_platform.hH A D29-Aug-20171.1 KiB

ares_private.hH A D18-Jun-201912.9 KiB

ares_process.3H A D08-Feb-20182.9 KiB

ares_process.cH A D21-May-201945.8 KiB

ares_query.3H A D29-Aug-20174.2 KiB

ares_query.cH A D29-Aug-20174.9 KiB

ares_rules.hH A D15-May-20184.2 KiB

ares_save_options.3H A D29-Aug-20172.6 KiB

ares_search.3H A D29-Aug-20174.6 KiB

ares_search.cH A D06-Nov-20189.5 KiB

ares_send.3H A D29-Aug-20173.3 KiB

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ares_set_local_ip4.3H A D29-Aug-20171.2 KiB

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ares_set_servers_csv.3H A D17-May-20182.3 KiB

ares_set_servers_ports.3H A D29-Aug-201728

ares_set_servers_ports_csv.3H A D29-Aug-201732

ares_set_socket_callback.3H A D29-Aug-20171.1 KiB

ares_set_socket_configure_callback.3H A D29-Aug-20171.2 KiB

ares_set_socket_functions.3H A D29-Aug-20173.4 KiB

ares_set_sortlist.3H A D29-Aug-20172 KiB

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ares_timeout.cH A D29-Aug-20172.7 KiB

ares_version.3H A D29-Aug-20171.3 KiB

ares_version.cH A D29-Aug-2017158

ares_version.hH A D01-Nov-2018648

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ares_writev.hH A D29-Aug-20171.1 KiB

AUTHORSH A D03-Feb-20181.2 KiB

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buildconfH A D29-Aug-20178.1 KiB

buildconf.batH A D29-Aug-2017527

c-ares-config.cmake.inH A D24-Dec-2019725

cares.rcH A D29-Aug-20172 KiB

CHANGESH A D29-Aug-2017252

CHANGES.0H A D29-Aug-201746.1 KiB

CMakeLists.txtH A D24-Dec-201927.4 KiB

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configure.acH A D23-Oct-201821.9 KiB

CONTRIBUTING.mdH A D29-Aug-2017707

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GIT-INFOH A D29-Aug-2017347

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inet_ntop.cH A D08-Aug-20185.7 KiB

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INSTALL.mdH A D10-Feb-201812.1 KiB

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4This package is based on ares 1.1.1 (written by Greg Hudson). Daniel Stenberg
5decided to fork and release a separate project since the original ares author
6didn't want the improvements that were vital for our use of it.
8This package is dubbed 'c-ares' since Daniel wanted this for use within the
9curl project (hence the letter C) and it makes a nice pun. c-ares is not API
10compatible with ares: a new name makes that more obvious to the public.
12The original libares was distributed at
13 (which seems to not be alive
14anymore).  A local copy of the original ares package is kept here:

4[![Build Status](](
5[![Windows Build Status](](
6[![Coverage Status](](
7[![CII Best Practices](](
8[![Fuzzing Status](](
11This is c-ares, an asynchronous resolver library.  It is intended for
12applications which need to perform DNS queries without blocking, or need to
13perform multiple DNS queries in parallel.  The primary examples of such
14applications are servers which communicate with multiple clients and programs
15with graphical user interfaces.
17The full source code is available in the ['c-ares' release archives](,
18and in a git repository:  See the
19[]( file for build information.
21If you find bugs, correct flaws, have questions or have comments in general in
22regard to c-ares (or by all means the original ares too), get in touch with us
23on the c-ares mailing list:
25c-ares is of course distributed under the same MIT-style license as the
26original ares.
28You'll find all c-ares details and news here:
32Notes for c-ares hackers
35* The distributed `ares_build.h` file is only intended to be used on systems
36  which can not run the also distributed configure script.
38* The distributed `ares_build.h` file is generated as a copy of `ares_build.h.dist`
39  when the c-ares source code distribution archive file is originally created.
41* If you check out from git on a non-configure platform, you must run the
42  appropriate `buildconf*` script to set up `ares_build.h` and other local files
43  before being able to compile the library.
45* On systems capable of running the `configure` script, the `configure` process
46  will overwrite the distributed `ares_build.h` file with one that is suitable
47  and specific to the library being configured and built, this new file is
48  generated from the `` template file.
50* If you intend to distribute an already compiled c-ares library you **MUST**
51  also distribute along with it the generated `ares_build.h` which has been
52  used to compile it. Otherwise the library will be of no use for the users of
53  the library that you have built. It is **your** responsibility to provide this
54  file. No one at the c-ares project can know how you have built the library.
56* File `ares_build.h` includes platform and configuration dependent info,
57  and must not be modified by anyone. Configure script generates it for you.
59* We cannot assume anything else but very basic compiler features being
60  present. While c-ares requires an ANSI C compiler to build, some of the
61  earlier ANSI compilers clearly can't deal with some preprocessor operators.
63* Newlines must remain unix-style for older compilers' sake.
65* Comments must be written in the old-style /* unnested C-fashion */
67* Try to keep line lengths below 80 columns.


3                          ___       __ _ _ __ ___  ___ 
4                         / __| ___ / _` | '__/ _ \/ __|
5                        | (_  |___| (_| | | |  __/\__ \
6                         \___|     \__,_|_|  \___||___/
9                How to build c-ares using MSVC or Visual Studio
10               =================================================
14  How to build using MSVC from the command line
15  ---------------------------------------------
17  Open a command prompt window and ensure that the environment is properly
18  set up in order to use MSVC or Visual Studio compiler tools.
20  Change to c-ares source folder where Makefile.msvc file is located and run:
22  > nmake -f Makefile.msvc
24  This will build all c-ares libraries as well as three sample programs.
26  Once the above command has finished a new folder named MSVCXX will exist
27  below the folder where makefile.msvc is found. The name of the folder
28  depends on the MSVC compiler version being used to build c-ares.
30  Below the MSVCXX folder there will exist four folders named 'cares',
31  'ahost', 'acountry', and 'adig'. The 'cares' folder is the one that
32  holds the c-ares libraries you have just generated, the other three
33  hold sample programs that use the libraries.
35  The above command builds four versions of the c-ares library, dynamic
36  and static versions and each one in release and debug flavours. Each
37  of these is found in folders named dll-release, dll-debug, lib-release,
38  and lib-debug, which hang from the 'cares' folder mentioned above. Each
39  sample program also has folders with the same names to reflect which
40  library version it is using.
43  How to install using MSVC from the command line
44  -----------------------------------------------
46  In order to allow easy usage of c-ares libraries it may be convenient to
47  install c-ares libraries and header files to a common subdirectory tree.
49  Once that c-ares libraries have been built using procedure described above,
50  use same command prompt window to define environment variable INSTALL_DIR
51  to designate the top subdirectory where installation of c-ares libraries and
52  header files will be done.
54  > set INSTALL_DIR=c:\c-ares
56  Afterwards, run following command to actually perform the installation:
58  > nmake -f Makefile.msvc install
60  Installation procedure will copy c-ares libraries to subdirectory 'lib' and
61  c-ares header files to subdirectory 'include' below the INSTALL_DIR subdir.
63  When environment variable INSTALL_DIR is not defined, installation is done
64  to c-ares source folder where Makefile.msvc file is located.
67  How to build using Visual Studio 6 IDE
68  --------------------------------------
70  A VC++ 6.0 reference workspace (vc6aws.dsw) is available within the 'vc'
71  folder to allow proper building of the library and sample programs.
73  1) Open the vc6aws.dsw workspace with MSVC6's IDE.
74  2) Select 'Build' from top menu.
75  3) Select 'Batch Build' from dropdown menu.
76  4) Make sure that the sixteen project configurations are 'checked'.
77  5) Click on the 'Build' button.
78  6) Once the sixteen project configurations are built you are done.
80  Dynamic and static c-ares libraries are built in debug and release flavours,
81  and can be located each one in its own subdirectory, dll-debug, dll-release,
82  lib-debug and lib-release, all of them below the 'vc\cares' subdirectory.
84  In the same way four executable versions of each sample program are built,
85  each using its respective library. The resulting sample executables are
86  located in its own subdirectory, dll-debug, dll-release, lib-debug and
87  lib-release, below the 'vc\acountry', 'vc\adig' and 'vc\ahost'folders.
89  These reference VC++ 6.0 configurations are generated using the dynamic CRT.
92  How to build using Visual Studio 2003 or newer IDE
93  --------------------------------------------------
95  First you have to convert the VC++ 6.0 reference workspace and project files
96  to the Visual Studio IDE version you are using, following next steps:
98  1) Open vc\vc6aws.dsw with VS20XX.
99  2) Allow VS20XX to update all projects and workspaces.
100  3) Save ALL and close VS20XX.
101  4) Open vc\vc6aws.sln with VS20XX.
102  5) Select batch build, check 'all' projects and click 'build' button.
104  Same comments relative to generated files and folders as done above for
105  Visual Studio 6 IDE apply here.
108  Relationship between c-ares library file names and versions
109  -----------------------------------------------------------
111  c-ares static release library version files:
113      libcares.lib -> static release library
115  c-ares static debug library version files:
117      libcaresd.lib -> static debug library
119  c-ares dynamic release library version files:
121      cares.dll -> dynamic release library
122      cares.lib -> import library for the dynamic release library
123      cares.exp -> export file for the dynamic release library
125  c-ares dynamic debug library version files:
127      caresd.dll -> dynamic debug library
128      caresd.lib -> import library for the dynamic debug library
129      caresd.exp -> export file for the dynamic debug library
130      caresd.pdb -> debug symbol file for the dynamic debug library
133  How to use c-ares static libraries
134  ----------------------------------
136  When using the c-ares static library in your program, you will have to
137  define preprocessor symbol CARES_STATICLIB while building your program,
138  otherwise you will get errors at linkage stage.
141Have Fun!