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1		   README for GNU development tools
3This directory contains various GNU compilers, assemblers, linkers, 
4debuggers, etc., plus their support routines, definitions, and documentation.
6If you are receiving this as part of a GDB release, see the file gdb/README.
7If with a binutils release, see binutils/README;  if with a libg++ release,
8see libg++/README, etc.  That'll give you info about this
9package -- supported targets, how to use it, how to report bugs, etc.
11It is now possible to automatically configure and build a variety of
12tools with one command.  To build all of the tools contained herein,
13run the ``configure'' script here, e.g.:
15	./configure 
16	make
18To install them (by default in /usr/local/bin, /usr/local/lib, etc),
19then do:
20	make install
22(If the configure script can't determine your type of computer, give it
23the name as an argument, for instance ``./configure sun4''.  You can
24use the script ``config.sub'' to test whether a name is recognized; if
25it is, config.sub translates it to a triplet specifying CPU, vendor,
26and OS.)
28If you have more than one compiler on your system, it is often best to
29explicitly set CC in the environment before running configure, and to
30also set CC when running make.  For example (assuming sh/bash/ksh):
32	CC=gcc ./configure
33	make
35A similar example using csh:
37	setenv CC gcc
38	./configure
39	make
41Much of the code and documentation enclosed is copyright by
42the Free Software Foundation, Inc.  See the file COPYING or
43COPYING.LIB in the various directories, for a description of the
44GNU General Public License terms under which you can copy the files.
46REPORTING BUGS: Again, see gdb/README, binutils/README, etc., for info
47on where and how to report problems.


2                Notes on enabling maintainer mode
4Note that if you configure with --enable-maintainer-mode, you will need
5special versions of automake, autoconf, libtool and gettext. You will
6find the sources for these in the respective upstream directories:
13The required versions of the tools for this tree are
14  autoconf 2.69
15  automake 1.15.1
16  libtool 2.2.6
17  gettext 0.14.5
19Note - "make distclean" does not work with maintainer mode enabled.
20The Makefiles in the some of the po/ subdirectories depend upon the
21Makefiles in their parent directories, and distclean will delete the
22Makefiles in the parent directories before running the Makefiles in
23the child directories.  There is no easy way around this (short of
24changing the automake macros) as these dependencies need to exist in
25order to correctly build the NLS files.