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4This is GNU Bash, version 5.1.  Bash is the GNU Project's Bourne
5Again SHell, a complete implementation of the POSIX shell spec,
6but also with interactive command line editing, job control on
7architectures that support it, csh-like features such as history
8substitution and brace expansion, and a slew of other features. 
9For more information on the features of Bash that are new to this
10type of shell, see the file `doc/bashref.texi'.  There is also a
11large Unix-style man page.  The man page is the definitive description
12of the shell's features. 
14See the file POSIX for a discussion of how the Bash defaults differ
15from the POSIX spec and a description of the Bash `posix mode'.
17There are some user-visible incompatibilities between this version
18of Bash and previous widely-distributed versions, bash-4.4 and
19bash-5.0.  For details, see the file COMPAT.  The NEWS file tersely
20lists features that are new in this release. 
22Bash is free software, distributed under the terms of the [GNU] General
23Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation,
24version 3 of the License (or any later version).  For more information,
25see the file COPYING. 
27A number of frequently-asked questions are answered in the file
30To compile Bash, type `./configure', then `make'.  Bash auto-configures
31the build process, so no further intervention should be necessary.  Bash
32builds with `gcc' by default if it is available.  If you want to use `cc'
33instead, type
35	CC=cc ./configure
37if you are using a Bourne-style shell.  If you are not, the following
38may work:
40	env CC=cc ./configure
42Read the file INSTALL in this directory for more information about how
43to customize and control the build process.  The file NOTES contains
44platform-specific installation and configuration information.
46If you are a csh user and wish to convert your csh aliases to Bash
47aliases, you may wish to use the script `examples/misc/alias-conv.sh'
48as a starting point.  The script `examples/misc/cshtobash' is a
49more ambitious script that attempts to do a more complete job.
51Reporting Bugs
54Bug reports for bash should be sent to:
56	bug-bash@gnu.org
58using the `bashbug' program that is built and installed at the same
59time as bash.
61The discussion list `bug-bash@gnu.org' often contains information
62about new ports of Bash, or discussions of new features or behavior
63changes that people would like.  This mailing list is also available
64as a usenet newsgroup: gnu.bash.bug. 
66When you send a bug report, please use the `bashbug' program that is
67built at the same time as bash.  If bash fails to build, try building
68bashbug directly with `make bashbug'.  If you cannot build `bashbug',
69please send mail to bug-bash@gnu.org with the following information:
71	* the version number and release status of Bash (e.g., 2.05a-release)
72	* the machine and OS that it is running on (you may run
73	  `bashversion -l' from the bash build directory for this information)
74	* a list of the compilation flags or the contents of `config.h', if
75	  appropriate
76	* a description of the bug
77	* a recipe for recreating the bug reliably
78	* a fix for the bug if you have one!
80The `bashbug' program includes much of this automatically.
82Questions and requests for help with bash and bash programming may be
83sent to the help-bash@gnu.org mailing list.
85If you would like to contact the Bash maintainers directly, send mail
86to bash-maintainers@gnu.org.
88While the Bash maintainers do not promise to fix all bugs, we would
89like this shell to be the best that we can make it.
91Other Packages
94This distribution includes, in examples/bash-completion, a recent version
95of the `bash-completion' package, which provides programmable completions
96for a number of commands. It's available as a package in many distributions,
97and that is the first place from which to obtain it. If it's not a package
98from your vendor, you may install the included version.
100The latest version of bash-completion is always available from
105Chet Ramey
108Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
109are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
110notice and this notice are preserved.  This file is offered as-is,
111without any warranty.