16e64b4f7Sluz.pazNote: Future changelog now located at: http://www.freecadweb.org/tracker/changelog_page.php
317c99eb6SwmayerVersion: 0.14
417c99eb6Swmayer  * Python path messed up after installation
517c99eb6Swmayer  * Installing 0.14 breaks previous python installation
6ad457ba9SUnknown  * Python function to retrieve direct children of a shape using TopoDS_Iterator
717c99eb6Swmayer  * Update translations for 0.14
817c99eb6Swmayer  * FreeCAD crashes when changing placement of sketch.
917c99eb6Swmayer  * Sketcher 180-deg-constraints should not be allowed for lines without intersection point.
1017c99eb6Swmayer  * Crash when opening Pad
1117c99eb6Swmayer  * V0.14 - Add icons to its respectives operations in treeview
1217c99eb6Swmayer  * FreeCAD crash on sweep/loft
1317c99eb6Swmayer  * Option for new check in part check geometry
1417c99eb6Swmayer  * Move from PyQt to PySide
1517c99eb6Swmayer  * use transformShape for uniform scaling in Draft._Clone Feature
1617c99eb6Swmayer  * Make FreeCAD buildable using QT Creator using windows the VC++ 9 compiler
1717c99eb6Swmayer  * Part Revolve - add parameter "solid"
1817c99eb6Swmayer  * emn import failure
1917c99eb6Swmayer  * Allow Part Loft to create a closed solid i.e. have the Loft start and finish with the same profile
2017c99eb6Swmayer  * crash when using "move" tool in part workbench
2117c99eb6Swmayer  * STEP export fails under Windows
2217c99eb6Swmayer  * OpenSCAD importer can't import more than one layer with the same name
2317c99eb6Swmayer  * Standard view /Align view to selected face
2417c99eb6Swmayer  * scale() operation makes face invalid
2517c99eb6Swmayer  * Installation should set Python path
2617c99eb6Swmayer  * No scroll bar on preferences dialog window.
2717c99eb6Swmayer  * Ability to specify more decimal places of precision for fillets, etc.
2817c99eb6Swmayer  * Starting FreeCAD Produces Blank Window with Granite Texture
2917c99eb6Swmayer  * model refine corrupts solid with spherical edges.
3017c99eb6Swmayer  * dump Shapes to python string
3117c99eb6Swmayer  * Crash on fuse() of two simple extrusions
3217c99eb6Swmayer  * Boolean operation fails for a mesh
3317c99eb6Swmayer  * parse keyword args in Part::TopoShapePy::makeOffsetShape
3417c99eb6Swmayer  * add shape contents in part check geometry task view
3517c99eb6Swmayer  * entering Transform mode degrades the Placemens rotation to single precision
3617c99eb6Swmayer  * DLL load failed
3717c99eb6Swmayer  * Expose BRepExtrema_DistShapeShape to python
3817c99eb6Swmayer  * Allow user to input simple mathematical expressions when setting values to constraints.
3917c99eb6Swmayer  * closing Part::TaskCheckGeometry after closing document causes SIGSEGV
4017c99eb6Swmayer  * exceptions thrown with python object.
4117c99eb6Swmayer  * PartGui::TaskCheckGeometryResults fails to open
4217c99eb6Swmayer  * SIGSEGV in Part::GeometryCurvePy::toBSpline
4317c99eb6Swmayer  * Increase decimal precision
4417c99eb6Swmayer  * Spin box locked to 1 mm
4517c99eb6Swmayer  * Add a qt browser to the Parts library
4617c99eb6Swmayer  * upload models for library
4717c99eb6Swmayer  * Commit [bba876] causing new errors.
4817c99eb6Swmayer  * Hide all objects in a group
4917c99eb6Swmayer  * Part::TopoShape::getMemSize fails for Bezier Curves
5017c99eb6Swmayer  * icons not showing in Part Loft and sweep dialogues
51a78be0d9Sluzpaz  * Drawing SVG output makes ever knot symmetrical.
5217c99eb6Swmayer  * Part Common fails with two surface objects
5317c99eb6Swmayer  * Teigha File Converter not found, DWG support will be disabled.
5417c99eb6Swmayer  * recognize remote branches for Version.h in detached head state
5517c99eb6Swmayer  * Sweeping along a helix causes exception
5617c99eb6Swmayer  * Helix height cannot exceed 55.87mm
5717c99eb6Swmayer  * RefineModel() does not mark edges/faces as modified
5817c99eb6Swmayer  * PartDesign/modelrefine.cpp in FaceUniter::process() : United faces should all be marked as modified
5917c99eb6Swmayer  * Zero width rectangle (i.e. 2 vertical points) odd behaviour + crash
6017c99eb6Swmayer  * Planer image changes to number graphic when a part design constraint is made after the planar image
6117c99eb6Swmayer  * Draft Dimensions due not observe Dimension Precision on FreeCAD Windows
6217c99eb6Swmayer  * invalid DXF export
6317c99eb6Swmayer  * Port wiki, phpbb and mantis to self-hosted
64505488c4Sluz.paz  * Crash probably in MeshPart
6517c99eb6Swmayer  * Part.BSplineCurve: allow to set degree and mutliplicites when calling constructor.
6617c99eb6Swmayer  * FeaturePython objects should be able to define how POVray output is generated
67a78be0d9Sluzpaz  * Losing Snap when Object is getting more complex.
6817c99eb6Swmayer  * PropertyLinkSubList causes crash
6917c99eb6Swmayer  * BRepPrimAPI_MakeRevolution vs BRepPrimAPI_MakeRevol
7017c99eb6Swmayer  * plane offset precision is limited to 0.1
7117c99eb6Swmayer  * Add spiral tool in Part Module
7217c99eb6Swmayer  * Missing / blank snap tool icons; perpendicular, ortho
7317c99eb6Swmayer  * Add a Feature to delete a whole subtree of the FeatureTree
7417c99eb6Swmayer  * OCC precision corruption from App::PropertyFloat
7517c99eb6Swmayer  * Rotation constructor from vector/to vector not exposed in python
7617c99eb6Swmayer  * FreeCAD crashed while creating a loft of two ellipses
7717c99eb6Swmayer  * Robot file RobotExample, double-click PartToWork, crash
7817c99eb6Swmayer  * No build possible with current CMake version 2.8.12
7917c99eb6Swmayer  * Constraint datum dimension label shown as gray box vice number in transparent background.
8017c99eb6Swmayer  * Wrong operator in DraftGeomUtils.getRotation
8117c99eb6Swmayer  * Tracing over a background image in Sketcher: image is overwritten by first dimensional constraint text
8217c99eb6Swmayer  * Raytracing export produces bad light definition
8317c99eb6Swmayer  * Spreadsheet module
8417c99eb6Swmayer  * Parametr "tolerance" in "Create Mesh from geometry" work strange.
8517c99eb6Swmayer  * Order of operations for Matrix is nonintuitive, needs documentation
8617c99eb6Swmayer  * \Raytracing\Templates\ install folder missing - file ProjectStd.pov missing - Povray error StdFinish undefined
8717c99eb6Swmayer  * Tiny Tweak: v0.14 Shows Some Items as 0.13
8817c99eb6Swmayer  * Cross section of Torus in Part Workbench fails or give wrong results
8917c99eb6Swmayer  * Line tool (preview as you move) disappears after new file created
9017c99eb6Swmayer  * Add a "render" button to the raytracing module
9117c99eb6Swmayer  * Annoying messages at startup
9217c99eb6Swmayer  * Touchpad navigation issue
9317c99eb6Swmayer  * Part --> Geometric Primitives --> Regular Prism
9417c99eb6Swmayer  * Online help line needs modifying
9517c99eb6Swmayer  * FreeCAD crash with segfault Linux
9617c99eb6Swmayer  * 'filemname' is not defined, typo? Can't import DWG
9717c99eb6Swmayer  * crash at padding a sketch with 42 holes
9817c99eb6Swmayer  * BuildInstaller.bat issue
9917c99eb6Swmayer  * Problem exporting (Meshes) to STL & STEP.
10017c99eb6Swmayer  * Wrong outline in pocket
10117c99eb6Swmayer  * Vertex in Part Loft and Sweep profile list - error handling
10217c99eb6Swmayer  * StdMeshers.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
10317c99eb6Swmayer  * Meshing algorithm creates wrong shape
10417c99eb6Swmayer  * Create Mesh from geometry / Export mesh.
10517c99eb6Swmayer  * Shape.removeSplitter() loses Shape.Placements on some Shapes
10617c99eb6Swmayer  * Incomplete slices when using Part.slice on a torus
10717c99eb6Swmayer  * Add a function that can apply a Placement to a Shape like sh.transformGeometry(sh.Placement.toMatrix())
10817c99eb6Swmayer  * Unable to Loft Sketches with Radiused Corners
10917c99eb6Swmayer  * Create a test suite for Arch and Draft
11017c99eb6Swmayer  * Change the Word "Radius" for Chamfering
11117c99eb6Swmayer  * FreeCAD Compilation fails on Linux 32 bit
11217c99eb6Swmayer  * Expose Standard_Boolean TopoDS_Shape::IsPartner(const TopoDS_Shape& other) const; to python
11317c99eb6Swmayer  * Re-assign hot keys 0 thru 6 to line up with the icon placement.
11417c99eb6Swmayer  * Draft Snap Toolbar Icons Crossed up
11517c99eb6Swmayer  * Preserve names and colors on console mode export to STEP
11617c99eb6Swmayer  * Placement Position Entry can be improved
11717c99eb6Swmayer  * Patch to allow use of external PyCXX
11817c99eb6Swmayer  * [Sketcher] Dragging + ESC
11917c99eb6Swmayer  * Part WB extrude from ruled surface makes either two faces or a solid
12017c99eb6Swmayer  * Split shape color setting from current preference page into a separate page
12117c99eb6Swmayer  * Touchpad Navigation issue
12217c99eb6Swmayer  * Can't change STEP/IGES export units through Python interface
12317c99eb6Swmayer  * Part names are incorrect on import from STEP file
12417c99eb6Swmayer  * Make Clipping-Plane-placement editable + support multiple planes
12517c99eb6Swmayer  * Clipping plane should have more controls
12617c99eb6Swmayer  * Edge chain selection
12717c99eb6Swmayer  * Toolbar Customizer Move Buttons enabled but inactive
12817c99eb6Swmayer  * Crash when quitting after using Windows > Tile
12917c99eb6Swmayer  * Merged Project object being imported changes size when moved
13017c99eb6Swmayer  * Cut mesh with plane
13117c99eb6Swmayer  * Feature request - box selection for faces in set color mode
13217c99eb6Swmayer  * Original color STEP model lost in import
13317c99eb6Swmayer  * add directory to findCoin cmake
13417c99eb6Swmayer  * wireframe mode should include vertices in display
13517c99eb6Swmayer  * Can not export. No way to select file type.
13617c99eb6Swmayer  * selftest errors
13717c99eb6Swmayer  * Unable to export file to any file format
13817c99eb6Swmayer  * File extensions missing from supported file descriptions in open/save dialgos
13917c99eb6Swmayer  * [Sketcher] Small inconsistency with update
14017c99eb6Swmayer  * Hide turntable dialog when in fullscreen mode
14117c99eb6Swmayer  * Keep drop down menus open when changing to another part
14217c99eb6Swmayer  * Skin remains when cutting rectangle
14317c99eb6Swmayer  * Suppress CMake warning if OCE wasn't found but OCC was found
14417c99eb6Swmayer  * add preferences option for bounding box colour
14517c99eb6Swmayer  * Export to BREP does not work in Ubuntu
14617c99eb6Swmayer  * Freecad sometimes 'forgets' the ability to handle stp files
14717c99eb6Swmayer  * Snap Center Point at Center of Cylinder, Circle
14817c99eb6Swmayer  * Boolean Cut Fails with Extruded Shapestring
14917c99eb6Swmayer  * DeprecationWarning: Use 'TypeId' instead
15017c99eb6Swmayer  * Abort on startup
15117c99eb6Swmayer  * The output of __repr__() of Vector and Rotatio would create Objects with different Values do to inapropriate rounding
15217c99eb6Swmayer  * Improvements for Brep Inventor nodes
15317c99eb6Swmayer  * Crash on filleting
15417c99eb6Swmayer  * Download manager
15517c99eb6Swmayer  * Copy and Paste of a boolean operation moves children to new object
15617c99eb6Swmayer  * Windows installer long standing issues [easy fix]
15717c99eb6Swmayer  * IndentationError in Python Console
15817c99eb6Swmayer  * Tooltips should include shortcuts keys in parentheses
15917c99eb6Swmayer  * reading from the python console for using pdb
16017c99eb6Swmayer  * Segfault when selecting a duplicate pad
16117c99eb6Swmayer  * CMake stops with error "Circular ... <- ... dependency dropped." if source == build directory
16217c99eb6Swmayer  * Inventor Navigation continues with released Mouse Button
16317c99eb6Swmayer  * ver 0.13 rev 1828, drafting, measurement, angles
16417c99eb6Swmayer  * Feature Request:: DXF Export in XY plane
16517c99eb6Swmayer  * Add webGL exporter
16617c99eb6Swmayer  * an improved Helix icon as suggested by raulshc
16717c99eb6Swmayer  * DXF export of "large" Polyline Curves
16817c99eb6Swmayer  * DWire Command Number Entry Improvement
16917c99eb6Swmayer  * Bug in Draft Edit -> Add points
17017c99eb6Swmayer  * Crash when executing script 3 times
17117c99eb6Swmayer  * TimeInfo: diffTimeF(): added default arg
17217c99eb6Swmayer  * TimeInfo: diffTimeF(): non-zero result for ident. time stamps
17317c99eb6Swmayer  * Task Deadlock: Part Workbench disabled when closing Combo View with open Task
17417c99eb6Swmayer  * Placement Panel not removed after Entity Deletion
17517c99eb6Swmayer  * Wrong header define PART_GEOMETRY_H in ProgressIndicator.h
17617c99eb6Swmayer  * Allow Draft tool to create Part Primitives
17717c99eb6Swmayer  * Enclose isinstance(Edge.Curve,something) in try-except
17817c99eb6Swmayer  * Crash occurs in version 0.13 when trying to use alignment tool
17917c99eb6Swmayer  * addObject with four arguments does not return the DocumentObject
18017c99eb6Swmayer  * Tree icons for Part Ruled surface, Part Export and some other fixes
18117c99eb6Swmayer  * Draft tools referenced before assignment
18217c99eb6Swmayer  * arc orientation sometimes becomes wrong when exporting to DXF
18317c99eb6Swmayer  * Cannot add object to DocumentObjectGroupPython
18417c99eb6Swmayer  * display tree icons for PartDesign workbench
18517c99eb6Swmayer  * remove duplicate include files in PartFeature.h
18617c99eb6Swmayer  * Sketcher Polyline tool "tool tip" "M key"
18717c99eb6Swmayer  * use a face as a profile for Part Loft and sweep
18817c99eb6Swmayer  * Tree icons for Part Vertex, Line, Edge, Circle, Ellipse and Helix
18917c99eb6Swmayer  * New Start Page tab every time the Start WB is selected
19017c99eb6Swmayer  * Duplicate code inside importDAE.py ?
19117c99eb6Swmayer  * EngineBlock: unable to select bspline
19217c99eb6Swmayer  * Crash on document recompute
19317c99eb6Swmayer  * Objects imported by Drag-n-Drop end up in the wrong document
19417c99eb6Swmayer  * Draft Working Plane Button ToolTip
19517c99eb6Swmayer  * Draft Line - Start and End properties don't respect placement
19617c99eb6Swmayer  * Stable PPA
19717c99eb6Swmayer  * latest git version doesn't build on mint linux 2013-02-10
200120ca870Swmayer  * Sketcher module added with constraint solver using SketchFlat
201120ca870Swmayer  * Add Draft module to installer
202120ca870Swmayer  * Fix many Python reference counting errors
203120ca870Swmayer  * Implement edit mode for meshes and shapes
204120ca870Swmayer  * Property editor for placements added
205120ca870Swmayer  * Implement Python's number protocol for MatrixPy and VectorPy
206120ca870Swmayer  * Implement import/export framework
207120ca870Swmayer  * Workaround for offscreen renderer due to a huge memory leak in Coin 2.4.x
208120ca870Swmayer  * Support of Qt 4.1.4 in Draft module
209120ca870Swmayer  * Porting sources to Mac OS X Leopard
210120ca870Swmayer  * Implement a progress indicator to run with OCC algorithm classes
211120ca870Swmayer  * Binding for SWIG-generated pythonocc added 
213120ca870SwmayerVersion: 0.7.1779 Date: Sun 14 Dec 2008 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
214120ca870Swmayer  * Implementation of uuid
215120ca870Swmayer  * Support of transient directories for FreeCAD documents
216120ca870Swmayer  * Basic support to create SVG files from scenegraph
217120ca870Swmayer  * Python binding finished for all shape and geometry classes in Part module
218120ca870Swmayer  * Move to PyCXX 5.4.2
219120ca870Swmayer  * Class Writer can now insert ascii or bin data in xml stream
220120ca870Swmayer  * Start porting to OpenCascade 6.3
221120ca870Swmayer  * Use Tango icon set  
223120ca870SwmayerVersion: 0.7.1672 Date: Sat 25 Oct 2008 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
224120ca870Swmayer  * Update of Windows installer
226120ca870SwmayerVersion: 0.7.1658 Date: Sat 11 Oct 2008 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
227120ca870Swmayer  * Fix many license issues
228120ca870Swmayer  * Define QT_NO_CAST_FROM_ASCII to avoid problems with UTF-8 encoded strings
229120ca870Swmayer  * Support additional module paths in home directory
230120ca870Swmayer  * Re-implement the "What's this" facility to start the help window with context-sensitive help
231120ca870Swmayer  * Create Python commands from the user input in the property editor
232120ca870Swmayer  * Support of groups in property editor
233120ca870Swmayer  * Implement general export framework
234120ca870Swmayer  * Implement graphical user-interface for creation of fillets and extrusions
235120ca870Swmayer  * Add scene inspector for analyzing the OpenInventor scene graph  
236120ca870Swmayer  * Rework online help, prepared for new framework in Qt4.4 
238120ca870SwmayerVersion: 0.7.1514 Date: Sun 03 Aug 2008 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
239120ca870Swmayer  * Add more stuff to the copyright file
240120ca870Swmayer  * control: add build-dep to python-central 
241120ca870Swmayer  * Abstract interface for geometric data types
242120ca870Swmayer  * Avoid flickering of cursor when cutting several meshes at once
243120ca870Swmayer  * Update to the latest debian policy version 3.7.3
244120ca870Swmayer  * Several bugs fixed with Python GIL
245120ca870Swmayer  * Make TopoDS_Shape and Geom_Geometry classes accessible from Python
246120ca870Swmayer  * Make Python interface for algorithms on shapes and geometries
247120ca870Swmayer  * Support of mesh segments
248120ca870Swmayer  * Add test/annotation object
249120ca870Swmayer  * Add simple measurement facility
250120ca870Swmayer  * Remove OpenCascade dependency in Mesh module
251120ca870Swmayer  * Thumbnail facility added
252120ca870Swmayer  * Start cMake support
253120ca870Swmayer  * Compile with boost 1.35
255120ca870SwmayerVersion: 0.7.1344 Date: Wed 21 May 2008 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
256120ca870Swmayer  * Write patch file to make builds with OpenCASCADE libs inside but with no
257120ca870Swmayer    dependency to libopencascade6.2
258120ca870Swmayer  * New debian package for Feisty
259120ca870Swmayer  * New package with fixed self-dependency problem
260120ca870Swmayer  * Embed required OpenCASCADE libs into this package as long as no official
261120ca870Swmayer    Debian package is available  
263120ca870SwmayerVersion: 0.7.1342 Date: Mon 19 May 2008 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
264120ca870Swmayer  * Switch to new versioning scheme of OpenCASCADE packages
265120ca870Swmayer  * Re-license all FreeCAD source code to LGPL
267120ca870SwmayerVersion: 0.7.1316 Date: Sat 26 Apr 2008 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
268120ca870Swmayer  * Support of pivy (Python binding for Coin/SoQt)
269120ca870Swmayer  * Support of PyQt4
270120ca870Swmayer  * General support of SWIG modules
271120ca870Swmayer  * Cleanup code and fix of several race conditions or insecure code (flawfinder)
272120ca870Swmayer  * UTF-8 support
273120ca870Swmayer  * Optimize mesh evaluation/validation classes to be faster and using less memory
274120ca870Swmayer  * Include Pivy -- the Python binding for Coin
276120ca870SwmayerVersion: 0.7.1031 Date: Fri 04 Jan 2008 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
277120ca870Swmayer  * Qt4 port finished
278120ca870Swmayer  * Support of Python binding for Qt4
279120ca870Swmayer  * Support of Python binding for Coin
280120ca870Swmayer  * Support of entirely in Python written modules
281120ca870Swmayer  * Added support of model driven architecture for Python binding
282120ca870Swmayer  * Use boost's signal/slot mechanism to update data
284120ca870SwmayerVersion: 0.6.645 Date: Tue 24 Jul 2007 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
285120ca870Swmayer  * Qt4 port started
287120ca870SwmayerVersion: 0.6.476 Date: Tue 27 Feb 2007 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
288120ca870Swmayer  * Use revision number in version naming scheme
289120ca870Swmayer  * Initial Release of Debian/Ubuntu package
291120ca870SwmayerVersion: 0.5.285 Date: Thu 05 Oct 2006 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
292120ca870Swmayer  * Use revision number in version naming scheme
293120ca870Swmayer  * Initial Release of Debian/Ubuntu package
294120ca870Swmayer  * Optimizations for huge meshes implemented
295120ca870Swmayer  * Export VRML97 from scenegraph
296120ca870Swmayer  * Export mesh as compressed VRML
297120ca870Swmayer  * have only one color bar per scene
298120ca870Swmayer  * group classes supporting various mesh formats to two classes: MeshOutput and MeshInput
300120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.5B8 Date: Tue Aug 01 2006 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
301120ca870Swmayer  * Write FreeCAD.log to AppData folder
302120ca870Swmayer  * Use 'HOME' for Linux and 'HOMEDRIVE' for Windows only
303120ca870Swmayer  * new type FCUInt introduced
304120ca870Swmayer  * use same compressed color values as Coin3d
305120ca870Swmayer  * Remove PYTHONPATH stuff
306120ca870Swmayer  * port to OpenCascade 6.1
307120ca870Swmayer  * Switch the installer to python23.zip type lib
308120ca870Swmayer  * PropertyFile added and editor implemented
309120ca870Swmayer  * Check whether a project file is already open and throw an exception
310120ca870Swmayer  * Allow to open a project file even if not everything can be loaded e.g. if a module is missing
311120ca870Swmayer  * Select name if a file instead of directory was given in FileDialog's getOpenFileName() or getSaveFileName() methods
312120ca870Swmayer  * Bug fixed in harmonizing normals of a mesh
313a78be0d9Sluzpaz  * speed up a lot several algorithms that searches for independent components of a mesh or searches for inhomogenous normals
314120ca870Swmayer  * make MeshKernel::VisitNeighbourFacets() more robust against topologic errors in mesh
315120ca870Swmayer  * Option added to do one- or two-side rendering of meshes
316120ca870Swmayer  * Dialog to enter numbers higher than the maximum of int's, i.e numbers up to 4294967295
317120ca870Swmayer  * Bug 1449428 (Crash when output to console too long) fixed by replacing vsprintf by vsnprint
318120ca870Swmayer  * Bug 1558658 (A hidden view with a spinning part consumes CPU-Time) fixed
319120ca870Swmayer  * Bug 1558622 (Version.h is not generated with a normal build) fixed
320120ca870Swmayer  * Patches 1559380, 1559154 applied
321120ca870Swmayer  * Bug 1564726 fixed (Does not compile with GCC 4.1.1)
322120ca870Swmayer  * Bug 1566863 fixed (Float Property is has limited range [0..12])
323120ca870Swmayer  * RFE 1566398 impl. (Property editor for App::PropertyEnumeration)
325120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.5B7 Date: Thu May 18 2006 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
326120ca870Swmayer  * move to SVN version control
327120ca870Swmayer  * added spins to edit line width and point size in display dialog
328120ca870Swmayer  * Optimized SoFCMeshNode for handling of huge meshes
329120ca870Swmayer  * Prepend SoCallback node to log all traversing actions (only for debugging)
330120ca870Swmayer  * command for toggling clipping plane
331120ca870Swmayer  * command for freezing view positions
332120ca870Swmayer  * added new ViewProvider for meshes with more than 100.000 triangles using SoFCMeshNode for optimizations
333120ca870Swmayer  * save/restore of view providers into/from a separate XML file in a project file
334120ca870Swmayer  * check if project file exists when loading from command line
335a78be0d9Sluzpaz  * using grid to speed up cutting algorithm for huge meshes
336120ca870Swmayer  * calculate inverse color of mesh color for open edges 
337120ca870Swmayer  * added project properties to App::Document
338120ca870Swmayer  * added material property class
339120ca870Swmayer  * allow to disable notification of property container when a property has changed its value
340120ca870Swmayer  * added dialog to show and set project information
341120ca870Swmayer  * start moving display relevant properties from DocumentObject (data) classes to the associated ViewProvider (view) classes
342120ca870Swmayer  * reimplemented dialogs DlgDisplayPropertiesImp and DlgMaterialPropertiesImp
343120ca870Swmayer  * added ViewProvider class for Python 
344120ca870Swmayer  * separate data and view properties and show in different tabs in the editor
345120ca870Swmayer  * new methods added to Gui::DocumentPy to get active object and object by name
346120ca870Swmayer  * add only required Inventor nodes to all ViewProvider subclasses and removed from ViewProviderDocumentObject
347120ca870Swmayer  * use an additional STL vector to preserve the creation order of objects
348120ca870Swmayer  * added a group class for document objects and its view provider
349120ca870Swmayer  * added PropertyPartShape to save/load shapes to/from a document
350120ca870Swmayer  * rename document member in SoFCSelection after a document has been renamed
351120ca870Swmayer  * Prepared for OCC 6.1: The modules 'AppMesh', 'AppPartGui', 'AppRaytracing' and 'AppRaytracingGui' need the module 'TKMesh.lib'
352120ca870Swmayer  * Added a method to XMLReader to get unsigned long from a string
353120ca870Swmayer  * Make several methods of BaseView const
354120ca870Swmayer  * Bug fixed in TreeView
355120ca870Swmayer  * Added new action classes for en/disabling selection and highlighting with their colors
356120ca870Swmayer  * Bug fixed when opening a project with the same file name
357120ca870Swmayer  * RFE 1450472 Clear selection of active document only
358120ca870Swmayer  * SoFCMeshOpenEdge shape node added to render the open edges of a mesh
359120ca870Swmayer  * print some information in Attach() and Detach() in Observer in debug mode
360120ca870Swmayer  * delete command objects when application is exiting
361120ca870Swmayer  * bug fixed in 'Refresh' command
362120ca870Swmayer  * active view stuff fixed
363120ca870Swmayer  * proper handling of double clicks with wheel button
364120ca870Swmayer  * Random color implemented
365120ca870Swmayer  * Box zoom implementation started
368120ca870Swmayer  MOVE TO SUBVERSION
371120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.5B6 Date: Sat Apr 15 2006 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
372120ca870Swmayer  * renamed Vector3D to Vector3f indicating the precision of float and Vector3d as double respectively
373120ca870Swmayer  * updated the unittests in Test framework using new API
374120ca870Swmayer  * Added some experimental properties to mesh viewprovider
375120ca870Swmayer  * Allow to build up structured menus from within Python
376120ca870Swmayer  * StdWorkbench::setupContextMenu() implemented
377120ca870Swmayer  * PropertyStringList added
378120ca870Swmayer  * Continued implementation of property editor
379120ca870Swmayer  * Nullify reference to deleted object of dependent objects (Document::remObject)
380120ca870Swmayer  * Check if the reference is valid in Mesh::Feature::getMesh() and subclasses
381120ca870Swmayer  * Several bugs in Raytracing module fixed
382120ca870Swmayer  * API changes in DocumentPy:
383120ca870Swmayer    - Recompute -> recompute
384120ca870Swmayer    - activeFeature -> activeDocument
385120ca870Swmayer    - addFeature -> addObject
386120ca870Swmayer    - getFeature -> getObject
387120ca870Swmayer    - removeFeature -> removeObject
388120ca870Swmayer    - listFeatures -> listObjects
389120ca870Swmayer    - AddFeature removed
390120ca870Swmayer    - GetFeature removed
391120ca870Swmayer    - GetActiveFeature -> getActiveObject
392120ca870Swmayer  * API changes in Property
393120ca870Swmayer    - Save(Writer&) -> Save(Writer) const
394120ca870Swmayer  * API changes in ViewProviderDocumentObject
395120ca870Swmayer    - attach(App::AbstractFeature*) -> attach(App::DocumentObject*)
396120ca870Swmayer  * Applied patch 1470733, SetOperation patch
397120ca870Swmayer  * Applied patch 1470737, new module tritritest
398120ca870Swmayer  * Fixed bug in ViewProviderDocumentObject::ViewProviderDocumentObject(): pcPointStyle->ref()
399120ca870Swmayer  * Check for scheme version when loading a project file and handle the reading procedure differently
400120ca870Swmayer  * RFE 1470745 implemented (material mode: Open Edges)
401120ca870Swmayer  * show also members of DocumentObjects in Python (implemented in DocumentObjectPy::_getattr)
402120ca870Swmayer  * show members in MaterialPy, DocumentPy and FeaturePy
403120ca870Swmayer  * Fixed bugs with C++/Python framework 
404120ca870Swmayer    (NOTE: All C++ classes returning an associated Python object with a reference to itself must NOT return always a new instances 
405120ca870Swmayer           for each call but it must return the same instance, otherwise the Python objects cannot be notified when the C++ object
406120ca870Swmayer           has been destroyed)
407120ca870Swmayer  * Allow drag'n'drop for files coming from ZIP files
408120ca870Swmayer  * More intuitive handling of property editor
410120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.5B5 Date: Sat Feb 25 2006 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
411120ca870Swmayer  * Make use of AC_LIBTOOL_DLOPEN macro for Unix/Linux based systems to allow to create modules.
412120ca870Swmayer  * Create a loader module (without 'lib' prefix ) for each shared library (with 'lib' prefix)
413120ca870Swmayer  * The dirty hack to create symlinks during installation has been removed.
414120ca870Swmayer  * Builder3D Visual debugging facility
415120ca870Swmayer  * set default tabwidth in editor to 4 char, can be changed in user settings
416120ca870Swmayer  * block comment/uncomment implemented
417120ca870Swmayer  * Undo/Redo of block comment or uncomment implemented
418120ca870Swmayer  * Bug in DocItem class fixed: allow only one item with the same name
419120ca870Swmayer  * set the dirty flag after Gui::Document has been changed, remove after saving the document
420120ca870Swmayer  * WildMagic dllexport define (patch 1441148)
421120ca870Swmayer  * fix assert if missing feature (patch 1441146)
422120ca870Swmayer  * new modules (patches 1441103, 1441082)
423120ca870Swmayer  * Fixes for new modules (patch 1441145)
424120ca870Swmayer  * Specify orthographic or perspective camera in user settings
425120ca870Swmayer  * Ignore built files in Python script for creation of modules
426120ca870Swmayer  * Fixing Bug 1442521,
427120ca870Swmayer  * turn backface culling on/off (RFE 1443940). Seems to work properly with convex geometries only
428120ca870Swmayer  * Enabled two-side rendering for meshes in case it is not a solid
429120ca870Swmayer  * Return the edge list by reference in mesh kernel (to avoid memory leak)
430120ca870Swmayer  * PropertyVectorList implemented
431120ca870Swmayer  * Use PropertyVectorLists and PropertyFloatLists in Mesh::Curvature feature and its associated view provider
432a8ecffb6SUnknown  * PropertyColor(List) implemented
433120ca870Swmayer  * PropertyMeshKernel added
434120ca870Swmayer  * move all Projects to NODEFAULTLIBS
435120ca870Swmayer  * move all Projects to xcopy
436120ca870Swmayer  * start implementing the link between FreeCAD property and property editor
437120ca870Swmayer  * New methods in Builder3D (patch 1450695,1451028)
438120ca870Swmayer  * Set operations (patch 1451026, 1451138, 1451141)
439120ca870Swmayer  * start const Mesh and MeshProperty
440120ca870Swmayer  * implement class to evaluate and validate meshes with corresponding feature classes
441120ca870Swmayer  * dialog added to analyze and repair meshes
442120ca870Swmayer  * special view providers to display defects of meshes
443120ca870Swmayer  * delete features from the document
444120ca870Swmayer  * bug fixed: remove features to be deleted from the selection
445120ca870Swmayer  * bugs fixed in selection node
446120ca870Swmayer  * restore original document file name after loading a project file
447120ca870Swmayer  * start implementing an Inventor node rendering the mesh structure directly
449120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.5B4 Date: Sat Feb 04 2006 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
450120ca870Swmayer  * use type system in selection class
451120ca870Swmayer  * replace DataStream classes by i/ostream classes
452120ca870Swmayer  * start standardization of API of exported Python classes
453120ca870Swmayer  * implement standard factory in Base::Type
454120ca870Swmayer  * remove Feature and ViewProvider Factory, use Standard
455120ca870Swmayer  * using update instead of recompute after loading document
456120ca870Swmayer  * using c++ name in addFeature()
457120ca870Swmayer  * updating the installer files
458120ca870Swmayer  * fixing the build Dist scripts
459120ca870Swmayer  * implementing Comment for Save picture
460120ca870Swmayer  * implement MIBA
461120ca870Swmayer  * use type system in workbench classes
462120ca870Swmayer  * VC8 Port
463120ca870Swmayer  * Property Pre Callback
464120ca870Swmayer  * Property Lists started
465120ca870Swmayer  * FeatureTest
466120ca870Swmayer  * Run script from editor
468120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.5B3 Date: Mon Jan 30 2006 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
469120ca870Swmayer  * use the zipios++ library for reading from/writing into compressed archives
470120ca870Swmayer  * update zipios++ sources to current CVS version
471120ca870Swmayer  * mesh creation with less memory usag (patch from bgrupp)
472120ca870Swmayer  * a fast algorithm to count edges (2 manifold) without additional memory (patch from bgrupp)
473120ca870Swmayer  * resolve problems for running macros from file with Microsoft Visual Studio 8.0 (patch from bgrupp)
474120ca870Swmayer  * I/O of points and meshes in document container file
475120ca870Swmayer  * fixes memory exception in view provider for meshes
476120ca870Swmayer  * fixes memory exception when rendering an Inventor node with huge amount of data
477120ca870Swmayer  * more efficient loading of huge meshes
479120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.5B2 Date: Sun Jan 15 2006 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
480120ca870Swmayer  * implementing Mesh save and restore
481120ca870Swmayer  * implementing Points save and restore
482120ca870Swmayer  * Save/Open of compressed XML documents
483120ca870Swmayer  * Preference page for document
484120ca870Swmayer  * Setting of document compression level
485120ca870Swmayer  * set _STLP_USE_NEWALLOC to free memory allocated in associative containers
486120ca870Swmayer  * implement Open/Save/SaveAs for use from Python
488120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.5B1 Date: Jan 15 2006 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
489120ca870Swmayer  * changes due Version in Installer
491120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.3B5 Date: Wed Nov 30 15:56:28 2005 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
492120ca870Swmayer  * redesign of Command framework finished
493120ca870Swmayer  * download URL adjusted
494120ca870Swmayer  * allow to download documentation from SourceForge into another directory
495120ca870Swmayer  * store user settings under .FreeCAD on Linux platforms
496120ca870Swmayer  * languageChange f?r CommandGroup and its items
497120ca870Swmayer  * connect and implement Viewer Preferences and updates
498120ca870Swmayer  * fixing Display Dialog
499120ca870Swmayer  * increment reference count of root element before adding to the scenegraph (fixes also the bug with IV examples)
500120ca870Swmayer    and decrement counter when viewer gets destructed
501120ca870Swmayer  * bug fixed in destruction of viewer
502120ca870Swmayer  * moved code from SoFCSelectionAction::callDoAction() to SoFCSelection::doAction() as the selection object must decide what to do, not the action
503120ca870Swmayer  * Implementing save document (partially)
505120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.3B1 Date: Thu Aug 11 06:20:13 2005 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
506120ca870Swmayer  * Begin Workbench framework redesign
507120ca870Swmayer  * BUG 1216922 fixed (Bug with active document)
509120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B120 Date: Tue Jul 26 17:09:13 2005 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
510120ca870Swmayer  * Move import shapes from Import to Part
511120ca870Swmayer  * Reworking Feature Property handling
512120ca870Swmayer  * Implementing Feature Linking
513120ca870Swmayer  * Add Naming to Features (AddFeature() needs now a Type and a Name
514120ca870Swmayer  * Moving Vector3D and Matrix4D in Base::
515120ca870Swmayer  * Moving DataWithProperty in Base::
516120ca870Swmayer  * Reworking Points
517120ca870Swmayer  * Points load Ascii
518120ca870Swmayer  * CurveNet Feature in Part
519120ca870Swmayer  * Bug 1242877 fixed (Reference counting)
521120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B119 Date: Wed Jun 29 12:57:43 2005 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
522120ca870Swmayer  * reworking recalculation of the document
523120ca870Swmayer  * implementing Feature viewing modes and material
524120ca870Swmayer    - Python binding for that all
525120ca870Swmayer  * ViewProvider framework in Inventor viewer
526120ca870Swmayer  * remove CasCade Viewer
527120ca870Swmayer  * Interpreter::runString returns now a value
528120ca870Swmayer  * Improving mouse interaktions
529120ca870Swmayer    - fix and enable Spin rotation
530120ca870Swmayer    - implement panTo middle mouse double click
531120ca870Swmayer  * implementing selection
532120ca870Swmayer  * using "right" transparency mode
533120ca870Swmayer  * RFE 1187174 implemented (Calling "print" for internal Python objects)
534120ca870Swmayer  * Several improvements:
535120ca870Swmayer    - Command Std_ViewFullScreen switched to toggle command
536120ca870Swmayer    - Use ESC or F to leave fullscreen mode (hard coded in MDIView)
537120ca870Swmayer    - Ignore ContextEvents and accelerators while the progress bar is working
538120ca870Swmayer    - Use double prescision for double in parameter editor
539120ca870Swmayer    - Consider fullscreen windows in ApplicationWindow::activeView()
540120ca870Swmayer  * Initial impl. of a simple color legend
541120ca870Swmayer  * Show progressbar not from beginning but after a few seconds
542120ca870Swmayer  * Using own event loop (QDialog not exception-safe)
543120ca870Swmayer  * RFE 1149709	Missing waitcursor implemented (using Sequencer therefore)
544120ca870Swmayer  * RFE 1211364	Clean up when closing App (using Python's Py_AtExit and Py_Finalize)
545120ca870Swmayer  * BUG 1232848   Recursion in IsKind()
547120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B118 Date: Tue Jun 07 15:32:43 2005 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
548120ca870Swmayer  * Bug 1165895 fixed (Bug in closing document)
549120ca870Swmayer  * RFE 1223968 implemented (Pasting scripts in the python console)
550120ca870Swmayer  * Bug 1224686 Action.h: command not found error during linux make
551120ca870Swmayer    Check for QT_UIC and QT_MOC again after the Qt test
553120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B117 Date: Sun Mar 20 14:06:55 2005 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
554120ca870Swmayer  * Mesh data structure added to Mesh module
555120ca870Swmayer  * Feature import for STL files added
556120ca870Swmayer  * Viewprovider for meshes added
557120ca870Swmayer  * Integration of latest Image module source
558120ca870Swmayer  * RFE 1159671 implemented (elements in alphabetic order)
559a78be0d9Sluzpaz  * Finishing drag&drop multiple files
56056111a08Sluzpaz  * Finishing open from command line and dropping on Program icon
56156111a08Sluzpaz  * solving load dependent modules
562120ca870Swmayer  * more convenient Python console
563120ca870Swmayer  * Bug 1149706 fixed (Cannot load CAD curves)
564120ca870Swmayer  * RFE 1214187 implemented (Remove views from main window)
566120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B116 Date: Wed Mar 16 23:19:23 2005 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
567120ca870Swmayer  * dummy build
569120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B115 Date: Sun Feb 27 22:01:44 2005 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
570120ca870Swmayer  * dummy build
572120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B114 Date: Sun Feb 13 17:07:39 2005 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
573120ca870Swmayer  * Encapsulation of 'wget' in NetworkRetriever
574120ca870Swmayer  * RFE 1100311 Message if wget cannot be found
575120ca870Swmayer  * Bug 1124689 fixed (Problems when all MDI windows closed)
576120ca870Swmayer  * Heavy bug in View3DInventorEx fixed
577120ca870Swmayer  * Check default parameter in FCParameterGrp::GetASCII() and use "" if it is 0
578120ca870Swmayer  * enhanced NetworkRetriever
579120ca870Swmayer  * loading/saving of user defined macros
580120ca870Swmayer  * Logging into file is working under Linux now
581120ca870Swmayer  * RFE 1149922 implemented (Autoscrolling at startup)
583120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B113 Date: Fri Feb 11 00:47:38 2005 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
584120ca870Swmayer  * realize code guidelines in Gui
585120ca870Swmayer  * Patch 1119485 inserted
586120ca870Swmayer  * Method to class Tools added to convert between SbSFImage and QImage
588120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B112 Date: Mon Jan 31 01:57:33 2005 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
589120ca870Swmayer  * redesign of PrefWidgets
591120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B111 Date: Sun Jan 30 19:02:55 2005 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
592120ca870Swmayer  * reactivate Inventor viewer
593120ca870Swmayer  * build in examples
594120ca870Swmayer  * new view commands
596120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B110 Date: Fri Jan 28 16:38:29 2005 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
597120ca870Swmayer  * fix 1110577
598120ca870Swmayer  * finish macro module switching
600120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B109 Date: Mon Jan 24 11:13:15 2005 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
601120ca870Swmayer  * plugin containing FreeCAD's specific widgets
602120ca870Swmayer    Note: You have to build the sources under src/Tools/plugins/widgets and
603120ca870Swmayer        copy the library to $QTDIR/plugins/designer to make use of them
604120ca870Swmayer  * Changing logging
605120ca870Swmayer    - -l option switch the file log on
606120ca870Swmayer    - -lf to a special file
607120ca870Swmayer    - SetStatus and GetStatus switch on or off the observer
609120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B108 Date: Sat Jan 15 14:24:52 2005 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
610b45bc488Sluz.paz  * Moved HtmlView to HelpView   * Reimplementation
611120ca870Swmayer  * Added class FileChooser ( line edit with button on its right side to browse)
612120ca870Swmayer  * Merged pref. page "Help viewer" and "Online Help" to one page
613120ca870Swmayer  * TextEdit class with completion
615120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B107 Date: Tue Jan 11 11:16:46 2005 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
616120ca870Swmayer  * put Application and Document (and helper classes) in namespace App
617120ca870Swmayer  * put exception handling into ParameterPy wrapper
618120ca870Swmayer  * PIMPLE document in class and py class
619120ca870Swmayer  * put the whole document python methodes with the macros and exceptions
620120ca870Swmayer  * removing doctype and put Feature handling into the document
621120ca870Swmayer  * Bug 1100780 fixed (no color in editor after first start)
623120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B106 Date: Mon Jan 10 11:16:24 2005 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
624120ca870Swmayer  * fixed Bug 1099103 by fixing HasGroup in ParameterPy
626120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B105 Date: Mon Jan 03 16:06:30 2005 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
627120ca870Swmayer  * RFE 1076842 implemented (overlong MDi tabs)
628120ca870Swmayer  * Bug 1076836 fixed (Focus problem with MDI)
629120ca870Swmayer  * Redesign of PrefWidget & WindowParameter
630120ca870Swmayer  * ProgressBar shows remaining time
631120ca870Swmayer  * Bug fixed in removing groups from parameters
632120ca870Swmayer  * Update Commands tab in Customize dialog after creating any macro commands
633120ca870Swmayer  * Allow to modify existing macro commands
634120ca870Swmayer  * FileIconProvider class improved
635120ca870Swmayer  * PyResource class improved
636120ca870Swmayer  * updated README.Linux
637120ca870Swmayer  * clear out Action.cpp/h
638120ca870Swmayer  * use QCString instead of QString for all prefPath and prefEntry properties. This is because of i18n
639120ca870Swmayer  * Translator class added
640120ca870Swmayer  * .ts files updated
641120ca870Swmayer  * Change language on the fly
643120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B104 Date: Tue Dec 21 22:15:28 2004 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
644120ca870Swmayer  * Bug 1078371 fixed (crash of property editor)
646120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B103 Date: Wed Dec 08 14:33:04 2004 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
647120ca870Swmayer  * RFE 1080561 (keeping standard toolbars) implemented
648120ca870Swmayer  * RFE 1080558 (Return in Macro Dialog) implemented
649120ca870Swmayer  * RFE 1078375 (Report view enhancement) implemented
650120ca870Swmayer  * Import of STEP and IGES files
652120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B102 Date: Mon Dec 06 02:15:33 2004 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
653120ca870Swmayer  * Redesign of undo/redo framework
654120ca870Swmayer  * Redesign of the customize pages framework
655120ca870Swmayer  * Simplified impl. of the General and Editor preference pages
657120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B101 Date: Thu Dec 02 22:32:22 2004 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
658120ca870Swmayer  * First working experiments with associative parametric modeling
660120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B100 Date: Mon Nov 29 19:40:56 2004 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
661120ca870Swmayer  * set up new exception handling for python call back
662a78be0d9Sluzpaz  * implement std property access in App::Feature
664120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B99 Date: Fri Nov 26 22:40:56 2004 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
665120ca870Swmayer  * replace QextMDI by own impl. using QWorkspace and QDockWindow
666120ca870Swmayer  * Tabbar added to the bottom of the workspace area
668120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B98 Date: Fri Nov 12 18:31:46 2004 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
670120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B97 Date: Thu Nov 11 22:40:19 2004 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
672120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B96 Date: Tue Nov  9 00:29:38 2004 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
673120ca870Swmayer  * Impl. of a property editor as described in "Practical Qt"
675120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B95 Date: Wed Nov 03 17:34:53 2004 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
676120ca870Swmayer  * Insert CutFeature
677120ca870Swmayer  * Automatic Property validation
679120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B94 Date: Sat Oct 23 18:58:52 2004 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
680120ca870Swmayer  * finished implementation of the Tip of the day
681c8c9b76fSUnknown  * split several big files in smaller ones
682120ca870Swmayer  * namespace Gui::Kexi for property editor
683120ca870Swmayer  * namespace Gui::Dialog   * documentation for most dialogs
684120ca870Swmayer  * use QToolBox provided by Qt instead of StackBar
685120ca870Swmayer  * removed most of unneeded includes (not in PCH) to speed up compilation
686120ca870Swmayer  * use own code convention on several classes
688120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B93 Date: Thu Oct 14 21:55:08 2004 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
689120ca870Swmayer  * features now inserted in the document and get called by a function
691120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B92 Date: Sun Oct 03 17:55:31 2004 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
692120ca870Swmayer  * using namespaces in several modules in Gui now
693120ca870Swmayer  * documentation
695120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B91 Date: Tue Sep 21 15:34:55 2004 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
696120ca870Swmayer  * New organsiation of Build scripts in fcbt (FreeCADBuildTool)
697120ca870Swmayer  * first experiments with namespaces With Console (FCConsole) and Interpreter
698120ca870Swmayer  * DocTypePy object for document behavior implented
700120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B90 Date: Tue Sep 07 19:25:03 2004 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
701120ca870Swmayer  * Clean up path finding
702120ca870Swmayer  * port to OCC 5.2
703a78be0d9Sluzpaz  - switch to new iostream (finally!!!)
705120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B89 Date: Fri Aug 20 19:03:18 2004 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
706120ca870Swmayer  * pimple App/Application and App/Document
707120ca870Swmayer  * change python export
709120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B87 Date: Thu Jun 03 23:47:13 2004 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
710120ca870Swmayer  * several minor bugs fixed
711120ca870Swmayer  * load settings at startup made in preferences
712120ca870Swmayer  * use Qt splashscreen
714120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B86 Date: Thu May 06 21:15:32 2004 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
715120ca870Swmayer  * removed EnvPrints and put it in Config
717120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B85 Date: Sun Apr 18 01:22:41 2004 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
718120ca870Swmayer  * Configure script finished, FreeCAD is now running under Linux :-)),
719120ca870Swmayer   start linux port of the modules now
721120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B84 Date: Wed Apr 07 15:59:56 2004 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
722120ca870Swmayer  * Completely rework init phase and main.cpp
724120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B83 Date: Mon Apr  5 00:42:17 2004 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
725120ca870Swmayer  * using Qt's qmake tool to build FreeCAD
726120ca870Swmayer  * FreeCAD now is running under Debian  in console mode :-)
727120ca870Swmayer   but in GUI mode it    crashes after the splashscreen appeared :-(
729120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B82 Date: Sat Mar 20 20:28:27 2004 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
730120ca870Swmayer  * working configure script producing shared libraries
732120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B81 Date: Fri Jan 23 18:28:15 2004 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
733120ca870Swmayer  * connect Python callback functions to QWidget signals
735120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B80 Date: Wed Jan 07 13:36:29 2004 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
736120ca870Swmayer  * initial Python binding using Qt's WidgetFactory framework
737120ca870Swmayer  * Scintilla-Binding reimplemented
738120ca870Swmayer  * Autowaitcursor improved
739120ca870Swmayer  * a first version of python console added
741120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B79 Date: Thu Dec 18 21:48:48 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
742120ca870Swmayer  * included tkinter into libPack
743120ca870Swmayer  * using PyUnit and unittestgui.py in test framework
745120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B78 Date: Sun Nov 23 13:15:15 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
746120ca870Swmayer  * some fixes for the installer
747120ca870Swmayer    - using the right Mod dir in case of Installer
748120ca870Swmayer    - Using absolute Doc path
749120ca870Swmayer    - using Start/Program for Shortcuts
751120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B77 Date: Fri Nov 14 14:56:14 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
752120ca870Swmayer  * Finished Setup stuff
7537a09a577Sluz.paz  * Removed all relative paths
754120ca870Swmayer  * config HomePath is now not in bin anymore
755120ca870Swmayer  * all config files one dir up
756a78be0d9Sluzpaz  * FC runs now from every directory
757120ca870Swmayer  * remove Startup and Install script
759120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B76 Date: Sat Nov 08 14:47:32 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
760120ca870Swmayer  * spent own module for BitmapFactory
761120ca870Swmayer  * make internationalization much more flexible and compile all the *.ts files
762120ca870Swmayer  into the application (no need of *.qm files at runtime any more)
763120ca870Swmayer  * new factory for scripts, widgets and languages
764120ca870Swmayer  * change FreeCAD and Projects to run with first Version of LibPack
766120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B75 Date: Sat Nov 01 18:38:15 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
767120ca870Swmayer  * changes on the Env handling for the LibPack
768120ca870Swmayer  - EnvMacros.h added
769120ca870Swmayer  * Startup bat
770120ca870Swmayer  * Tools to make Binary and Setup distributions
771120ca870Swmayer  * Internationalization is now supported
773120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B74 Date: Fri Oct 31 00:27:14 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
774120ca870Swmayer  * add function RegisterIcon() in ApplicationWindow
776120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B73 Date: Mon Sep 29 00:36:57 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
777120ca870Swmayer  * dependencies from header files reduced to speed up compilation
778120ca870Swmayer  * PIMPLed the ApplicationWindow class
779120ca870Swmayer  * make the python methods in ApplicationWindow more robust
780120ca870Swmayer  * improved the custom widget framework
782120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B72 Date: Wed Sep 24 19:06:32 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
783120ca870Swmayer  * make customizable widget framework much more flexible (from python)
785120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B71 Date: Sun Sep 14 17:38:19 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
786120ca870Swmayer  * make a template application; just run MakeApp.py with application name
788120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B69 Date: Sun Jul 27 13:29:20 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
789120ca870Swmayer  * several bugs fixed in property view
790120ca870Swmayer  * new item types implemented
791120ca870Swmayer  * make what() method of exception class to const
792120ca870Swmayer   (because you should use const <exc. class>& in catch block)
793120ca870Swmayer  * use the document provider classes for the whatsthis stuff
795120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B68 Date: Wed Jul 23 19:46:41 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
796120ca870Swmayer  * Add Feature Attribute
797120ca870Swmayer  * Add Function driver
798120ca870Swmayer  * Implement Test Command 2
800120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B67 Date: Sun Jul 20 00:23:56 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
801120ca870Swmayer  * Precompiled header stuff again
802120ca870Swmayer  * improved the spin box
803120ca870Swmayer  * Report output window added
805120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B66 Date: Sun Jul 13 17:15:34 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
806120ca870Swmayer  * draw transparent the additional area of resized pixmaps
807120ca870Swmayer  * draw a pixmap over another pixmap
808120ca870Swmayer  * a special spin box setting the value by mouse move
809120ca870Swmayer  * reimplementation of the WhatsThis framework
810120ca870Swmayer  * several commands
811120ca870Swmayer  * improved drag and drop for the commandline
813120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B65 Date: Sat Jul 12 11:44:20 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
814120ca870Swmayer  * finssh doc framework for basic use
816120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B64 Date: Sun Jun 15 01:20:15 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
817120ca870Swmayer  * Recent file list (MRU)
818120ca870Swmayer  * improvements in drawing dropdown button
819120ca870Swmayer  * allow to disable drag of menu items
820120ca870Swmayer  * bug fixed in load/save of window settings
821120ca870Swmayer  * Inventor Test command
822120ca870Swmayer  * Inventor BREP binding
823120ca870Swmayer  * examiner viewer
825120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B63 Date: Sun Jun 08 20:21:25 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
826120ca870Swmayer  * Adding the OCC Browser
827120ca870Swmayer  * Adding PropertyView
828120ca870Swmayer  * Tree heading layout
829120ca870Swmayer  * Settings dialog for Scintilla
830120ca870Swmayer  * switch between several view by clicking CTRL+Tab
831120ca870Swmayer  * Debug interface in FCInterpreter
832120ca870Swmayer  * switch between several styles
833120ca870Swmayer  * drop down button completely new reimplemented
835120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B62 Date: Sat May 31 11:53:56 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
83656af7037Sluzpaz  * redesign of Document view model
837120ca870Swmayer  * removing ViewContainer
838120ca870Swmayer  * adding the OnHasMsg methodes
839120ca870Swmayer  * switching some stdCommands to message stile to allow views with own document
84056af7037Sluzpaz  * moving scintila to a passive view model
841120ca870Swmayer  * updated to new version of Scintilla (1.53)
843120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B61 Date: Sat May 24 17:35:52 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
844120ca870Swmayer  * binding for scintilla
845120ca870Swmayer  * switching the observer to templates
846120ca870Swmayer  * adding SoQt to the source
847a78be0d9Sluzpaz  * the template observer the M$ STL don't work any more
849120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B60 Date: Wed May 21 21:18:53 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
850120ca870Swmayer  * finishing close, save and update stuff
852120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B59 Date: Sun May 18 11:03:48 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
853120ca870Swmayer  * qextmdi added
854120ca870Swmayer  * some changes in close flow, still not finished
855120ca870Swmayer  * fix close stuff!
857120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B59 Date: Thu May 17 15:40:24 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
858120ca870Swmayer  * scintilla added
859120ca870Swmayer  * pragmas set for windows only
860120ca870Swmayer  * bug fixed in Buttongroug
861120ca870Swmayer  * add string for CustomWidget where to store
863120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B58 Date: Thu May 01 20:40:24 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
864120ca870Swmayer  * patch from werner
865120ca870Swmayer  * precompiled header (werner)
867120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B57 Date: Fri Apr 25 16:18:12 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
868120ca870Swmayer  * New modules for the ToptDS and Geometry wrapping
869120ca870Swmayer  * Script command for macro customizing
871120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B56 Date: Tue Apr 22 18:38:49 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
872120ca870Swmayer  * finish Macro recording
873120ca870Swmayer  * switching toggle commands
874120ca870Swmayer  * View preferences page
875120ca870Swmayer  * some bugfixing (werner)
876120ca870Swmayer  * QT3 fixes (werner)
877120ca870Swmayer  * DnD changes (werner)
879120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B55 Date: Fri Apr 18 23:08:12 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
880120ca870Swmayer  * add macro manager
882120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B54 Date: Thu Apr 17 12:19:12 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
883120ca870Swmayer  * commitin the patch from WErner
884120ca870Swmayer- still problems with the TreeBar
886120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B53 Date: Sun Apr 13 15:33:23 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
887120ca870Swmayer  * patch from Werner about Linux
888120ca870Swmayer  * rezising the tree and the Icons
890120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B52 Date: Thu Apr 10 21:17:20 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
891120ca870Swmayer  * insert the TreeDockBar
893120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B51 Date: Sun Apr 06 21:27:35 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
894a78be0d9Sluzpaz  * Really big patch from Werner
895120ca870Swmayer    - Fix a problem with the paning in MouseModel
896120ca870Swmayer    - Fixing workbench binding for std. menus
897120ca870Swmayer    - switch to QT_VER for easier changing QT Version
898120ca870Swmayer    - fix cmd_name bug in CmdBar
899120ca870Swmayer    - making command line dropabel (QT3)
900120ca870Swmayer    - frame for 3Dview
901120ca870Swmayer    - time in about dialog ;-)
903120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B50 Date: Fri Apr 04 22:10:24 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
904120ca870Swmayer  * Fix on the window rewrite
905120ca870Swmayer  * some work on the Linux port
907120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B49 Date: Thu Apr 03 22:45:35 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
9086e64b4f7Sluz.paz  * Master redesign of the window system, not yet full working
910120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B48 Date: Sun Mar 30 15:06:23 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
911120ca870Swmayer  * Big patch from Werner about:
912120ca870Swmayer    - feeding toolbars and Commandbar and menus from the parameterts
913120ca870Swmayer    - customizing works with positions in command bar and toolbar
914a8ecffb6SUnknown    - customizing by dragging from menu into toolbar and commandbar
916120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B47 Date: Fri Mar 28 18:24:36 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
917120ca870Swmayer  * Import App Module added
918120ca870Swmayer  * removing Part.py and PartGui.py
920120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B46 Date: Wed Mar 26 18:02:11 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
921120ca870Swmayer  * new methodes in ParameterGrp (IsEmpty(), HasGroup() )
923120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B45 Date: Thu Mar 20 21:05:21 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
924120ca870Swmayer  * Testframe for Parameter and removal
926120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B44 Date: Wed Mar 19 21:41:52 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
927120ca870Swmayer  * deletion of Parameter and Grps
928120ca870Swmayer  * Observer delete notification
930120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B43 Date: Sun Mar 16 22:32:35 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
931120ca870Swmayer  * startet Undo Redo logic
933120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B42 Date: Thu Mar 13 21:36:58 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
934120ca870Swmayer  * changes in Customize Dialog
936120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B41 Date: Sat Mar 08 19:16:05 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
937120ca870Swmayer  * again new resource concept for commands
938120ca870Swmayer  * python command object
939120ca870Swmayer  * test application
940120ca870Swmayer    - implemented some basic tests
942120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B40 Date: Tue Mar 04 21:53:02 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
943120ca870Swmayer  * Activiti update
944120ca870Swmayer  * new resource concept in commands
945120ca870Swmayer  * Command groups
946120ca870Swmayer  * Command belonging to AppModules
947120ca870Swmayer  * Checking on unsaved files in close()
949120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B39 Date: Mon Mar 03 12:32:14 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
950120ca870Swmayer  * include werners patch
952120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B38 Date: Thu Feb 27 22:19:35 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
953120ca870Swmayer  * fix of memory leack in CmdBar (werner)
9546e64b4f7Sluz.paz  * start rebuilding FCCommand framework
956120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B37 Date: Tue Feb 25 20:29:19 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
9576e64b4f7Sluz.paz  * massively improved customize dialog (werner)
958120ca870Swmayer    - sorting position of toolbars
960120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B36 Date: Sat Feb 22 18:12:19 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
961120ca870Swmayer  * fix python problem (Py_INCREF(Py_None))!
963120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B35 Date: Wed Feb 19 19:41:39 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
964120ca870Swmayer  * new Linux patch (Vaclav)
965120ca870Swmayer  * sequencer break windows only (werner)
966120ca870Swmayer  * run methode in CommandLine (werner)
968120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B34 Date: Sun Feb 16 11:55:21 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
969120ca870Swmayer  * finish the Html-view prefernces dialog (werner)
970120ca870Swmayer  * making unique defines for operating system in Config.h
971120ca870Swmayer  * GetActiveWorkbench methode
972120ca870Swmayer  * included VC7 projects (werner)
974120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B33 Date: Fri Feb 14 19:58:58 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
975120ca870Swmayer  * dynamic cinfiguration dialog (Werner)
976120ca870Swmayer    - first preference dialog for the html view
977120ca870Swmayer  * Full path parameter implemented
978120ca870Swmayer  * some fixes in config registry
980120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B32 Date: Sun Feb 09 22:16:10 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
981120ca870Swmayer  * fix debug module loading
982120ca870Swmayer  * implementing startup config registrie and access functions in App.
983120ca870Swmayer  * implementing Doc Template logic and Part Template
985120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B31 Date: Fri Feb 07 22:26:22 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
986120ca870Swmayer  * ifdefs for QT 3 and 2.3 usage (werner)
988120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B30 Date: Thu Feb 06 20:47:18 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
989120ca870Swmayer  * fix for the CommandBar (Werner)
990120ca870Swmayer  * fix for module loding
992120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B29 Date: Wed Feb 05 09:22:38 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
993120ca870Swmayer  * patch from Werner
994120ca870Swmayer    - some small changes
995120ca870Swmayer    - rewritten Command Bar
996120ca870Swmayer  * some work on the Part module (now loading in release)
998120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B28 Date: Fri Jan 31 17:58:13 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
999120ca870Swmayer  * switching from Stlport IOSTREAM to VC6 iostream
1000120ca870Swmayer  * removing FC container wrapping
1001120ca870Swmayer  * starting serios work on module loading in part and sketcher
1003120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B27 Date: Sun Jan 26 21:25:59 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1004120ca870Swmayer  * Lot of stuff from Werner
1005120ca870Swmayer    - New customize dialog
1006120ca870Swmayer    - lot of work on preferences
1008120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B26 Date: Tue Jan 21 05:59:01 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1009120ca870Swmayer  * Preferences Widget Framework (Werner)
1010120ca870Swmayer    - New module WidgetFactory
1011120ca870Swmayer    - New modeul PrefWidget
1013120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B25 Date: Sun Jan 19 18:20:51 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1014120ca870Swmayer  * Big Linux port patch from Vaclav
10157a09a577Sluz.paz    - some fixes on implicit type conversion (Vaclav)
1016120ca870Swmayer    - moving all .cxx to .cpp mainly in gui
1017120ca870Swmayer    - moving DlgCusomizeImpl to Imp
1018120ca870Swmayer    - and InitGui to GuiInit
1019120ca870Swmayer    - rmoving X() macro (trouble on Linux)
1020120ca870Swmayer    - Linux Gui console (Vaclav)
1021120ca870Swmayer    - Using new sstream on Linux (Vaclac)
1022120ca870Swmayer    - fixing some case stuff in include (Vaclav)
1023120ca870Swmayer  * some work on the main MouseModel (Werner)
1025120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B24 Date: Sun Jan 12 22:15:29 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1026120ca870Swmayer  * switching workbenches
1028120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B23 Date: Fri Jan 10 17:43:13 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1029120ca870Swmayer  * fix in part module
1031120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B22 Date: Thu Jan 09 22:16:02 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1032120ca870Swmayer  * Add FCBmpFactory
1033120ca870Swmayer  * New Methodes in Gui. (python)
1035120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B21 Date: Mon Jan 06 20:53:48 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1036120ca870Swmayer  * Building up Part Application
1037120ca870Swmayer  * starting Test Application
1038120ca870Swmayer  * Adding FCFactory in Base
1040120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B20 Date: Mon Jan 06 11:31:16 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1041120ca870Swmayer  * Clean up Gui.dsp
1042120ca870Swmayer  * split up std commands
1044120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B19 Date: Sat Jan 04 12:23:49 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1045120ca870Swmayer  * new DlgCustomize (Werner)
1047120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B18 Date: Fri Jan 03 19:26:56 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1048120ca870Swmayer  * FirstPreferences Dialog
1049120ca870Swmayer  * First Macro Dialogs
1051120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B17 Date: Thu Jan 02 21:50:27 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1052120ca870Swmayer  * First Version Parameter Dialog
1053120ca870Swmayer  * New Methodes on FCParameterGrp
1055120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B16 Date: Wed Jan 01 18:06:46 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1056120ca870Swmayer  * Needed interface in CmdBar (Werner)
1057120ca870Swmayer  * fixes in Parameter
1059120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B15 Date: Wed Jan 01 17:09:53 2003 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1060120ca870Swmayer  * Changing the install prozess
1061120ca870Swmayer  * implementing the Python toolbar bindings
1062120ca870Swmayer  * Split Init.py in Init and Startup
1063120ca870Swmayer  * Finish verbose mode (-v)
1065120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B14 Date: Mon Dec 30 12:42:22 2002 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1066120ca870Swmayer  * coupling FCaction on FCCmdBar (Werner)
1067120ca870Swmayer  * New group functions in FCParameter (Juergen)
1068120ca870Swmayer  * Progress Bar (Werner)
1070120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B13 Date: Thu Dec 26 19:58:57 2002 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1071120ca870Swmayer  * View Commands
1072120ca870Swmayer  * switching StdViews from slots to Messages
1073120ca870Swmayer  * try fixing Dock windows
1075120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B12 Date: Thu Dec 26 14:54:54 2002 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1076120ca870Swmayer  * New Splasher from Werner
1077120ca870Swmayer  * clean up main (-v option)
1078120ca870Swmayer  * User Parameter
1079120ca870Swmayer  * New Background color
1080120ca870Swmayer  * Werner get the automatic wait cursor to work
1081120ca870Swmayer  * Dimension field in the status bar by Werner
1083120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B11 Date: Fri Dec 20 10:44:09 2002 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1084120ca870Swmayer  * First simple Implementation of Tree Raw
1086120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B10 Date: Wed Dec 18 21:44:21 2002 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1087120ca870Swmayer  * fix wrong document bug
1088120ca870Swmayer  * html_view cut off horizontal slider
1090120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B9 Date: Mon Dec 16 14:40:59 2002 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1091120ca870Swmayer  * First version of Werners waiting cursor
1092120ca870Swmayer  * Activ View finished
1093120ca870Swmayer  * Send Msg to view finished
1094120ca870Swmayer  * Test1 importing BREP
1096120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B8 Date: Mon Dec 09 20:51:27 2002 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1097120ca870Swmayer  * Fixes for button bar from Werner
1098120ca870Swmayer  * New Std Commands
1100120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B7 Date: Fri Dec 06 17:30:26 2002 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1101120ca870Swmayer  * insert new button bar from Werner
1102120ca870Swmayer  * Activated view methods and SendMsgToActiveView()
1104120ca870SwmayerVersion: V0.1B6 Date: Thu Dec 05 20:59:11 2002 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1105120ca870Swmayer  * Clean Up GuiApplication
1106120ca870Swmayer  * Add GUI Console observer