1ce5405f3SMartino FacchinSAMD CORE 1.6.10
2ce5405f3SMartino Facchin
3ab25fb35SCristian Maglie* The linker script must define `__text_start__` symbol at the beginning of .text section.
4ab25fb35SCristian Maglie  This symbol is used to automatically determine the bootloader size.
5ce5405f3SMartino Facchin
649f0d671SSandeep MistrySAMD CORE 1.6.6
7bdba2966SSandeep Mistry
8ab25fb35SCristian Maglie* `digitalPinToInterrupt` #define moved to Arduino.h, variant.h must no longer define it.
9bdba2966SSandeep Mistry
10bdba2966SSandeep MistrySAMD CORE 1.6.3
11bdba2966SSandeep Mistry
12ab25fb35SCristian Maglie* Timer for pin PWM selected based on value of `PIN_ATTR_TIMER_ALT` or `PIN_ATTR_TIMER`.
13ab25fb35SCristian Maglie  Prior to this "pin type" (ulPinType) was used.