1SAMD CORE ?.?.?? ????.??.??
3SAMD CORE 1.6.21 2019.04.01
5* MKR boards: changed I2C to sercom2, SPI1 + Serial2 to sercom4
6* Improved accuracy of delay() function. Thanks @BenF
7* MKR 1500: Changed SARA module to be powered off on boot
9SAMD CORE 1.6.20 2018.11.28
11* Replaced boolean type with bool in examples. Thanks @per1234
12* Added c++ linker command to allow to include libstdc++ when linking. Thanks @helmut64
13* CPX driver fixes. Thanks @dhalbert
14* I2S: Changed library to use 8 MHz oscillator source if 48MHz divider does not fit in 8 bits
15* UART: Added frame error handling
16* USB: Fixed memory leak on reconnects
17* SDU: Added support for Arduino M0. Thanks @jandrassy
18* Added arduinoOTA upload keys for Arduino M0. Thanks @jandrassy
19* USB: Fixed USB Host failures and fixed memory overwrite in USBHost. Thanks @gdsports
20* USB: Added method to return USB error code. Thanks @MarkFischer
21* CDC: Clear line state on end()
22* USB: Added USB device end() method
23* Removed requirement that the DAC is on A0. Thanks @GabrielNotman
24* Added alternate ports 44, 45 to make the SWCLK and SWDIO pins available on the Zero. Thanks @helmut64
25* Added defines for MKR pin layout
26* Fixed freeze in tone()
27* Added MKR NB 1500 variant and bootloader
28* Increased the default serial buffer size to 256
30SAMD CORE 1.6.19 2018.07.11
32* Fixed bootloader tools for .org boards
33* M0: Updated pin definitions for D6, D7 and D13 to match Zero
34* SPI: Fixed interrupt mask to block. Thanks @ggajoch
35* Added MKR WiFi 1010 variant and bootloader
36* Updated Windows Drivers to 1.4.0 and re-signed Adafruit_Circuit_Playground_Express.inf
38SAMD CORE 1.6.18 2018.03.05
40* Wire: Added support for general call (broadcast)
41* SPI: Added SPI.notUsingInterrupt(...) API
42* Fixed build errors if variant disabled USB
43* Wire: TX and RX buffers are now 256 bytes (previously was 64 bytes)
44* Added samd21e sercom compatibility. Thanks @mitchellpontague
45* Fixed lock ups when outputting to UART during ISR
46* Wire: correct I2C frequency calculations, and allow variant to overide default pull up resistor rise time
47* USB: Fixed build errors when CDC_ENABLED was not set. Thanks @gdsports
49SAMD CORE 1.6.17 2017.11.29
51* More accurate approximation for multiplication factor of PLL to make 48Mhz. Thanks @joverbee
52* Fix changing trigger mode (RISING/FALLING/...) in attachInterrupt(..) during runtime. Thanks @joverbee
53* Improved ISR response time. Thanks @joverbee
54* USB power current can now be overridden in the variant. Thanks @awatterott
55* UART's now support optional RTS and CTS pins defined in the variant.
56* Added support for MKR GSM 1400 and MKR WAN 1300
58SAMD CORE 1.6.16 2017.08.23
60* Is now possible to use PWM on D7 (though it can't be used with PWM on D12 at the same time). Thanks @Adminius
61* PWMs now can perform real 16-bit resolution if analogWriteResolution(16) is set. Thanks @Adminius
62* USB CDC: fixed issue of available() getting stuck when receiving ZLP's
63* Serial (UART) tx is now buffered.
64* Improved CRYSTALLESS stability. Thanks @tannewt
65* Some fixes to Adafruit Circuit Playground Express variant. Thanks @ladyada
66* Updated Stream and Print class
67* Native USB now supports USB Serial Number
68* Fixed pgm_read_ptr compatibility macro. Thanks @nkrkv
70SAMD CORE 1.6.15 2017.04.27
72* Added missing Windows driver for MKRFox1200
73* Added SDU support for MKRFox1200
75SAMD CORE 1.6.14 2017.04.04
77* Fixed platform definition for openocd
78* Added bootloader definitions for MKRFox1200
79* Added lowpower function on USB subsystem
81SAMD CORE 1.6.13 2017.03.31
83* Added SDU (SD card Updater) library.
84* Fixed 8MHz clock being generated incorrectly. Thanks @keestux
86SAMD CORE 1.6.12 2017.02.07
88* Fixed type conflict of utoa function. Thanks @kbumsik
89* Fixed pinMode(pin, OUTPUT) not working after analogRead(pin)
90* Reenabled support for Tian
91* Fixed signature for Adafruit Circuit Playground Express board
92* Added CMSIS headers for SAML21 chip series. Thanks @aethaniel
94SAMD CORE 1.6.11 2016.12.23
96* Temporarily disabled support for Arduino Tian until an upload issue is fixed
98SAMD CORE 1.6.10 2016.12.23
100* Added .org boards
101* Fixed MKRZero `build.board` property
102* linker: .data section is now aligned to 16 bytes address
103* Added support for CRYSTALLESS configurations (thanks @ladyada)
104* Added Circuits Playground board
105* Added method to automatically retrieve sketch start via linker variable
106  (see https://github.com/arduino/ArduinoCore-samd/pull/185)
107* Fixed USBDevice.epBank1EnableTransferComplete method
108* Adapted bootloader source code to CMSIS 4.5
110SAMD CORE 1.6.9 2016.12.12
112* MKR1000: Enabled PWM on pin 11, it is shared with pin A4
113* SPI: Optimized SPI.transfer(...)
114* Added linker flags for the ARM Math library
115* Added new I2S library
116* Bootloader: Check sketch vectors before waiting for double tap
117* Upgraded CMSIS version to 4.5.0, and use new CMSIS-Atmel package
118* Added Arduino MKRZero board.
120SAMD CORE 1.6.8 2016.10.12
122* Fixed regression on analogWrite. Thanks @bose-mdellisanti!
123* Fixed regression on SerialUSB.available()
124* C++ global constructors (if any) are now run after hardware initalization.
126SAMD CORE 1.6.7 2016.09.28
128* Fixed Serial.flush() blocking before any writes. Thanks @hangmoh
129* Added snprintf_P to avr/pgmspace.h stub. Thanks @jantje
130* Another small fix to String iterators. Thanks @Ivan-Perez @Chris--A
131* Fixes SerialUSB.write(...) returning 0 instead of byte written
132* Added Uart::availableForWrite()
133* Added defines for RAMSTART, RAMSIZE, RAMEND
134* Fixed writing LOW to a digital input pin blocking subsequent digitalRead attempts
135* Fixed digitalWrite() unnecessarily activating the pull-up resistor
136* Wire: Slave writes now use TX buffer
137* Added getTimeout() method to Stream.
138* Fixed glitch in PWM generation that may happen when calling analogWrite()
139* PWM frequency is now 732.4Hz (before it was 187500.0Hz)
140* Fixed PWM/analogwrite() not working on pin 13 on the Zero
141* Improved reliability of SerialUSB under heavy load (this should solve
142  all issues with MKR1000/WiFi101 firmware updater on MacOSX)
143* Improved SerialUSB.read() performance
144* Added String::toDouble()
145* Bootloader: LED now pulses and USB TX/RX blink on transfer (like Leonardo)
146* Bootloader: enabled USB string descriptors
148SAMD CORE 1.6.6 2016.05.19
150* Fixed digitalPinToInterrupt() macro, now it works as documented.
151* Added analogInputToDigitalPin macro
152* Fixed NUM_DIGITAL_PINS for Zero Board.
153* On-board RX-TX LEDs now blinks when there is activity on the native USB port
154* Fixed platform.txt, the core now compiles again with Arduino IDE <=1.6.5. Thanks @per1234
155* Fixed Wire.write(0x00) "ambiguos method" error
156* String class now supports iterators. Thanks @Chris--A
157* Remove enabling bootloader protection when burning bootloader. This enables WDT, so sketches do not work.
158* Added remote upload for Yun-Shield
160SAMD CORE 1.6.5 2016.04.02
162* Added Arduino/Genuino MKR1000 board
163* Set NVMCTRL.MANW bit to 1 (default is 0). This prevents accidental writes on program memory.
164* Bootloader: Fixed wrong UART speed (regression)
165* Fixed incorrect return value from Wire.available() when the receive buffer is not fully read.
166* Added DAC0 definition in Arduino/Genuino Zero variant file.
167* Enabled bootloader protection after "Burn bootloader".
169SAMD CORE 1.6.4 2016.02.19
171* Fixed Wire address setup when running as slave.
172* Fixed String constructor when using floating point numbers.
173* USBHost: fixed blocking USBHost.Task(). Thanks @bbx10
174* USBHost: fixed some ASCII Control codes in keyboard controller. Thanks @bbx10
175* USBHost: ported some minor fix from upstream UHS2. Thanks @bbx10
176* USBHost: fixed wrong library initialization. Thanks @bbx10 @ladyada
177* better interrupt handling in Serial::accept()
179SAMD CORE 1.6.3 2016.02.15
181* Added drivers for Arduino/Genuino MKR1000 board
182* Fixed Wire master repeated start behaviour
183* Added SerialUSB methods: readBreak(), baud(), stopbits(), paritytype(), numbits(), dtr(), rts()
184* Added SPI.transfer16(..) method
185* Bugfix: added missing Serial.begin(baud, config) method. Thanks @tuxedo0801
186* Fixed Serial baudrate calculations for 1200bps. Thanks @TomKeddie
187* Fixed Serial.flush() that now waits until the last bit has been sent. Thanks @TomKeddie
188* Fixed Serial configuration for data-bit. Thanks @TomKeddie
189* Bootloader: 32Khz external oscillator is now used, improves USB clock. Thanks @aethaniel
190* Bootloader: Clean up of makefiles and file organization. Thanks @aethaniel
191* Added PWM capability to pins A1/A2 of Arduino Zero.
192* variant.h/cpp: PWM capability is now determined by PIN_ATTR_PWM combined with
193                 PIN_ATTR_TIMER or PIN_ATTR_TIMER_ALT for timer selection.
194* Small fix to USBHost example "USB_desc.ino". Thanks @bbx10
195* USBHost: USB-Keyboard right shift key was ignored. Thanks @bbx10 
196* Wire library now support multiple instances in variant. Thanks @spiderkeys
197* Ported some SerialUSB API (readBreak(), baud(), stopbits(), paritytype(), numbits(), dtr(), rts())
199SAMD CORE 1.6.2 2015.11.03
201* Fixed bug in delay calculations
202* Fixed deadlock conditions in Wire. Thanks Erin Tomson
203* Print not aborting on write() failure. Thanks @stickbreaker
204* SPI can now be configured in variants. Thanks @aethaniel
205* Implemented Wire.end
206* Fixed external interrupt for pin 8 and 9
207* Implemented Wire.setClock. Thanks @PaoloP74
208* Wire: allow scanning bus via beginTransmission-endTransmission
209* USB Device: big refactoring and bug fix
210* USB Device: added PluggableUSB interface
211* updated bossac to version 1.6.1-arduino
213SAMD CORE 1.6.1 2015.07.21
215* Added missing ATN pin definition
216* Added missing bootloader key/value pair in boards.txt (this allows to burn bootloader with Sam-ICE too)
217* Fixed min/max functions
218* Fixed hooks for Cortex-M RTOS
219* Fixed acknowledge of UART errors
220* Enabled C11/C++11
221* Fixed initialization in USB Device
222* Updated bossac to version 1.6-arduino
224SAMD CORE 1.6.0  2015.06.15
226* First public release.