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H A DCHANGESdiff 8f5a3144 Wed Aug 22 16:41:46 MDT 2012 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - [bug] Fixed cextension bug whereby the
"ambiguous column error" would fail to
function properly if the given index were
a Column object and not a string.
Note there are still some column-targeting
issues here which are fixed in 0.8.
- find more cases where column targeting is being inaccurate, add
more information to result_map to better differentiate "ambiguous"
results from "present" or "not present". In particular, result_map
is sensitive to dupes, even though no error is raised; the conflicting
columns are added to the "obj" member of the tuple so that the two
are both directly accessible in the result proxy
- handwringing over the damn "name fallback" thing in results. can't
really make it perfect yet
- fix up oracle returning clause. not sure why its guarding against
labels, remove that for now and see what the bot says.
diff 6a48ce44 Sat Jun 16 17:02:48 MDT 2012 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - [bug] Fixed bug whereby append_column()
wouldn't function correctly on a cloned
select() construct, courtesy
Gunnlaugur Por Briem. [ticket:2482]
Also in 0.7.8.
diff 3db5ddfd Sat Jun 16 15:40:15 MDT 2012 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - [bug] Fixed bug whereby populate_existing
option would not propagate to subquery
eager loaders. [ticket:2497]. Also
in 0.7.8.
diff 5cc0bb04 Mon Jun 11 18:11:05 MDT 2012 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - [bug] Fixed bug affecting Py3K whereby
string positional parameters passed to
engine/connection execute() would fail to be
interpreted correctly, due to __iter__
being present on Py3K string.
[ticket:2503]. Also in 0.7.8.
diff 5b8e5d38 Mon Jun 11 08:08:33 MDT 2012 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - [bug] Fixed identity_key() function which
was not accepting a scalar argument
for the identity. [ticket:2508]. Also
in 0.7.8.
diff 198e842f Fri Jun 01 14:31:10 MDT 2012 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> also in 0.7.8
diff 8c3d847d Thu May 24 16:49:23 MDT 2012 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - [bug] Dialect no longer emits expensive server
collations query, as well as server casing,
on first connect. These functions are still
available as semi-private. [ticket:2404]
diff 227f7fac Thu May 24 08:17:54 MDT 2012 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - [bug] Fixed bug in declarative
whereby the precedence of columns
in a joined-table, composite
column (typically for id) would fail to
be correct if the columns contained
names distinct from their attribute
names. This would cause things like
primaryjoin conditions made against the
entity attributes to be incorrect. Related
to [ticket:1892] as this was supposed
to be part of that, this is [ticket:2491].
Also in 0.7.8.
diff c05b9e49 Thu May 17 14:11:15 MDT 2012 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - [bug] Added ROWID to oracle.*, [ticket:2483]
Also in 0.7.8.
diff d05319ec Thu May 17 12:18:05 MDT 2012 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - [bug] Fixed bug whereby subqueryload() from
a polymorphic mapping to a target would incur
a new invocation of the query for each
distinct class encountered in the polymorphic
result. [ticket:2480]. Also in 0.7.8.

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