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H A Dtox.inidiff 7e864fc7 Mon Aug 17 15:24:27 MDT 2020 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> Create a framework to allow all SQLALCHEMY_WARN_20 to pass

As the test suite has widespread use of many patterns
that are deprecated, enable SQLALCHEMY_WARN_20 globally
for the test suite but then break the warnings filter
out into a whole list of all the individual warnings
we are looking for. this way individual changesets
can target a specific class of warning, as many of these
warnings will indivdidually affect dozens of files
and potentially hundreds of lines of code.

Many warnings are also resolved here as this
patch started out that way. From this point
forward there should be changesets that target a
subset of the warnings at a time.

For expediency, updates some migration 2.0 docs
for ORM as well.

Change-Id: I98b8defdf7c37b818b3824d02f7668e3f5f31c94
diff 897cd176 Mon Jun 29 12:01:07 MDT 2020 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> Use python version in extras_require; integrate with tox

We want to use Oracle version >=7 for all platforms,
but <8 for Python 2.

Similarly, we want to use mysqlclient >= 1.4.0 for all
platforms, but < 2 for Python 2.

Have tox.ini defer to setup.cfg for DBAPIs.

We're not testing mysql-connector-python right now so remove
this from tox.ini.

Change-Id: I02611937da71d2950545e42c34f0b9798478e2a8
diff 7ff6cf1e Fri May 29 14:47:29 MDT 2020 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> add posargs to pep8

we want to be able to specify --output-file

Change-Id: Ib4e992d47587385a50c35ca915bc5adcb2ca49fa
diff d1fe8f43 Tue Feb 18 09:09:43 MST 2020 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> Revise cx_Oracle, mysqlclient versions

cx_Oracle is dropping Python 2 in version 8.0
mysqlclient is dropping Python 2 in version 2.0

We are no longer testing cx_Oracle < 7 on CI so drop older
cx_Oracle versions from tox.

Change-Id: I18d8b47077d50ac02aedb6fdeb24f7c99b56aa7c
diff 4e8b155c Fri Aug 04 08:02:32 MDT 2017 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> Pin to pytest<=3.0.7 pytest-xdist<=1.16.0

Until https://github.com/pytest-dev/pytest-xdist/issues/196 is fixed

Change-Id: I7dfd268e6078373ccaa0b5c13f9b6ffa1b2fd4b2
diff eed7888f Tue May 23 09:12:22 MDT 2017 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - pin py.test at 3.0.7 due to https://github.com/pytest-dev/pytest/issues/2430

Change-Id: I587282da141aa6ea92f944eeb4c9e5782d0b5f29
diff 7d2bed69 Tue Feb 09 08:17:10 MST 2016 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - switch to 2 workers for oracle
diff 7cb2a2d6 Mon Feb 08 14:27:55 MST 2016 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - additional fixes to get oracle + multiprocess to be reliable
diff 7f423e87 Sat Dec 05 14:56:53 MST 2015 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - add ORACLE_HOME to passenv allowing oracle to work w/ tox 2.0
diff 7f423e87 Sat Dec 05 14:56:53 MST 2015 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - add ORACLE_HOME to passenv allowing oracle to work w/ tox 2.0

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