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H A Dtest_unitofwork.pydiff 77237473 Thu Feb 02 11:02:21 MST 2017 Khairi Hafsham <jumanjisama@gmail.com> Make all tests to be PEP8 compliant

tested using pycodestyle version 2.2.0

Fixes: #3885
Change-Id: I5df43adc3aefe318f9eeab72a078247a548ec566
Pull-request: https://github.com/zzzeek/sqlalchemy/pull/343
diff 0efac1d9 Sat Jun 23 12:45:47 MDT 2012 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - move all of orm to use absolute imports
- break out key mechanics of loading objects
into new "orm.loading" module, removing implementation
details from both mapper.py and query.py. is analogous
to persistence.py
- some other cleanup and old cruft removal
diff 0d00f470 Tue Oct 26 14:12:04 MDT 2010 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - Fixed bug whereby a non-"mutable" attribute modified event
which occurred on an object that was clean except for
preceding mutable attribute changes would fail to strongly
reference itself in the identity map. This would cause the
object to be garbage collected, losing track of any changes
that weren't previously saved in the "mutable changes"
diff 4c87fb76 Mon Apr 26 14:55:11 MDT 2010 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - Fixed regression introduced in 0.6.0 involving improper
history accounting on mutable attributes. Essentially
reversing r6b2b4fcd4799 and getting it covered.
diff 0b292e88 Fri Sep 04 21:29:20 MDT 2009 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - the Binary type now returns data as a Python string
(or a "bytes" type in Python 3), instead of the built-
in "buffer" type. This allows symmetric round trips
of binary data. [ticket:1524]
diff 0b890e1c Fri Feb 08 18:24:01 MST 2008 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> heisenbug in aisle 3

(when db.dispose is called in unitofwork test with sqlite, the first test that runs in memusage grows by two gc'ed objects on every iteration; then the problem vanishes. doesnt matter what test runs in memusage. doing a dispose() in memusage solves the problem also. screwing wiht the mechanics of engine.dispose() only fix it when both the pool.dispose() *and* the pool.ressurect() are disabled. its just a subtle python/pysqlite bug afaict)
diff 0df75022 Thu Dec 13 22:53:18 MST 2007 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - merged instances_yields branch r3908:3934, minus the "yield" part which remains slightly problematic
- cleanup of mapper._instance, query.instances(). mapper identifies objects which are part of the
current load using a app-unique id on the query context.
- attributes refactor; attributes now mostly use copy-on-modify instead of copy-on-load behavior,
simplified get_history(), added a new set of tests
- fixes to OrderedSet such that difference(), intersection() and others can accept an iterator
- OrderedIdentitySet passes in OrderedSet to the IdentitySet superclass for usage in difference/intersection/etc. operations so that these methods actually work with ordering behavior.
- query.order_by() takes into account aliased joins, i.e. query.join('orders', aliased=True).order_by(Order.id)
- cleanup etc.
diff 0d9d8756 Sun Oct 07 17:55:59 MDT 2007 Jason Kirtland <jek@discorporate.us> - No longer using reserved-ish column names in MutableTypesTest.
diff 0a092566 Sun Mar 18 20:00:32 MDT 2007 Rick Morrison <rickmorrison@gmail.com> mssql: now passes still more unit tests, [ticket:481]
diff 0a092566 Sun Mar 18 20:00:32 MDT 2007 Rick Morrison <rickmorrison@gmail.com> mssql: now passes still more unit tests, [ticket:481]
H A DCHANGESdiff 0a6e2d9b Mon Oct 08 12:41:35 MDT 2012 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - [feature] Various API tweaks to the "dialect"
API to better support highly specialized
systems such as the Akiban database, including
more hooks to allow an execution context to
access type processors.
diff 0bb5a9ea Sun Sep 30 23:59:59 MDT 2012 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - fix the fixture here that wasn't creating consistently
- rewrite --dropfirst to be more industrial strength, includes views
- fix order_by="foreign_key" to maintain the same ordering as
metadata.sorted_tables. Not ideal that this was the other way throughout
0.7 but this is still a little-used method, in contrast to metadata.sorted_tables.
diff 0c7b989c Wed Sep 26 08:20:56 MDT 2012 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - [feature] Added support for the localtimestamp()
SQL function implemented in SQLite, courtesy
Richard Mitchell. Added test
diff 0e9ad807 Wed Aug 22 11:54:13 MDT 2012 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - [feature] Enhanced GenericFunction and func.*
to allow for user-defined GenericFunction
subclasses to be available via the func.*
namespace automatically by classname,
optionally using a package name as well.
diff 0c101f76 Mon Aug 20 16:28:32 MDT 2012 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - MySQL's update does work. add some logic to compiler to convert from ORM column to Table column
diff 0e41673e Tue Jul 10 09:00:49 MDT 2012 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - [bug] Fixed more un-intuitivenesses in CTEs
which prevented referring to a CTE in a union
of itself without it being aliased.
CTEs now render uniquely
on name, rendering the outermost CTE of a given
name only - all other references are rendered
just as the name. This even includes other
CTE/SELECTs that refer to different versions
of the same CTE object, such as a SELECT
or a UNION ALL of that SELECT. We are
somewhat loosening the usual link between object
identity and lexical identity in this case.
A true name conflict between two unrelated
CTEs now raises an error.
diff 0b97ba8a Wed Mar 14 14:10:31 MDT 2012 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - [bug] Added 'LEVEL' to the list of reserved
words for Oracle. [ticket:2435]
diff 8c05a3bf Wed Jan 18 10:42:54 MST 2012 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - [feature] Added "false()" and "true()" expression
constructs to sqlalchemy.sql namespace, though
not part of __all__ as of yet.
- [bug] sql.false() and sql.true() compile to
0 and 1, respectively in sqlite [ticket:2368]
diff fd136760 Sat Jan 07 17:49:25 MST 2012 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> that's not a "name=0", that's a counter. so name is None unconditonally.
diff a4a81f7b Sat Jan 07 13:37:51 MST 2012 Mike Bayer <mike_mp@zzzcomputing.com> - [bug] the "name" of an FK constraint in SQLite
is reflected as "None", not "0" [ticket:2364].
SQLite does not appear to support constraint
naming in any case (the names are ignored).

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