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Revision tags: r-1-1-0-RELEASE
# 1.9 07-Jun.-2011 plunky

no need to use path for rm, it is a standard tool
(and may not be in /bin anyway)

# 1.8 05-Jun.-2011 plunky

no need to set unused variables

# 1.7 27-Apr.-2011 gmcgarry

Cleanup Makefiles. From Thorsten Glaser.

Revision tags: r-1-0-0-RELEASE
# 1.6 18-Jul.-2008 gmcgarry

Cleanup CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS handling. Only pass include paths and defines to cpp and
flags to cc. Always use CFLAGS. Add ADD_CFLAGS which adds extra warnings to build.

From Thorsten Glaser.

# 1.5 21-Apr.-2008 gmcgarry

Descend into f77 during distclean. From Thorsten Glaser <tg () mirbsd ! de>.

# 1.4 06-Jan.-2008 ragge

Fix compile hierarchy so that it do not use hard-coded paths, use
include paths instead. From Zhiwen Zheng.

# 1.3 14-May-2005 ragge

Fixes due to tree move.

# 1.2 11-May-2005 ragge

Make autoconf find out struct alignment.

# 1.1 16-Oct.-2004 ragge

Use only configure.