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Revision Date Author Comments
# f3fd5697 07-May-2016 Christoph Mallon <christoph.mallon@gmx.de>


# f6800f19 06-Jan.-2016 Matthias Braun <matze@braunis.de>

Prepare for 1.22.1 release

# f2358bea 06-Jan.-2016 Matthias Braun <matze@braunis.de>

Makefile: Rework config.mak/path setting

# f670c08d 28-Oct.-2015 Matthias Braun <matze@braunis.de>

Add some build rules for libcparser.so (not built by default)

# a8098797 17-Oct.-2015 Matthias Braun <matze@braunis.de>

Adapt to latest OS X

Latest OS X has no /usr/include anymore, adapt to makefile to compile
the $(xcrun --show-sdk-path)/usr/include for now.

# d0c808da 13-Jan.-2014 Matthias Braun <matze@braunis.de>

add missing file