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# 7f084be8 07-Jan.-2016 Matthias Braun <matze@braunis.de>

CMakeLists: Use same COMPILER_INCLUDE_DIR default as Makefile build

# c493a350 07-Jan.-2016 Matthias Braun <matze@braunis.de>

Install manpage

# f6800f19 06-Jan.-2016 Matthias Braun <matze@braunis.de>

Prepare for 1.22.1 release

# 868a321b 06-Jan.-2016 Matthias Braun <matze@braunis.de>

CMakeLists: Add HOST_TRIPLE config to be in line with Makefile

# eb1dbff7 13-Dec.-2015 Matthias Braun <matze@braunis.de>

Adapt CMakeLists.txt to entitymap removal

# 209a7455 06-Dec.-2015 Matthias Braun <matze@braunis.de>

CMakeLists.txt: Small improvements

# 8a914506 05-Dec.-2015 Matthias Braun <matze@braunis.de>

Update CMakeLists.txt

# aabeb2ed 05-Dec.-2015 Matthias Braun <matze@braunis.de>

Add CMakeLists.txt for release