History log of /cparser/.build_plugin (Results 1 - 6 of 6)
Revision Date Author Comments
# 3e8db626 18-Jul.-2011 Matthias Braun <matze@braunis.de>

remove support for compiler-builtin c-code (it was broken anyway and never produced faster code)

# 5468e1e8 13-Jan.-2011 Matthias Braun <matze@braunis.de>

workaround/fix jam dependency problems


# 1d51f471 28-May-2010 Matthias Braun <matze@braunis.de>

firm backend is not optional anymore


# 4c38cd01 14-Feb.-2010 Matthias Braun <matze@braunis.de>

fix nameclash


# 4119021e 14-Feb.-2010 Matthias Braun <matze@braunis.de>

let jam create gen_builtins.h


# 1d7f177b 02-Aug.-2009 Matthias Braun <matze@braunis.de>

build plugin specification for cparser (doesn't completely work yet - you have to create builtins.h and revision.h manually)