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53999ea729-Feb-2020 wmayer <wmayer@users.sourceforge.net>

MeshGui: [skip ci] remove wrong export macro

9c154f7028-Feb-2020 wmayer <wmayer@users.sourceforge.net>

Base: [skip ci] improve repr() for quantity

1cb4625b28-Feb-2020 wmayer <wmayer@users.sourceforge.net>

MeshPart: add gmsh as another option to create mesh from shape

549b424e28-Feb-2020 wmayer <wmayer@users.sourceforge.net>

App: [skip ci] add further constructor to SubObjectT

eb4c101927-Feb-2020 wandererfan <wandererfan@gmail.com>

[TD]Add GOST Welding Symbols

4f48b2e428-Feb-2020 wmayer <wmayer@users.sourceforge.net>

Mesh: [skip ci] refactor RemeshGmsh to use it for other purposes

e61f888827-Feb-2020 Bernd Hahnebach <bernd@bimstatik.org>

FEM: post result mesh, better log

ea53563127-Feb-2020 wmayer <wmayer@users.sourceforge.net>

Mesh: replace stacked widget of meshing panel with tabbed widget

8533527a26-Feb-2020 wandererfan <wandererfan@gmail.com>

[TD] Landmark Dim minor clean ups

- clean up reference vertices on delete

- protect fail on close empty Page

- hide unimplemented functions

233453c126-Feb-2020 wandererfan <wandererfan@gmail.com>

[TD]Add pref for loose 2D objects

33e87d5b27-Feb-2020 wmayer <wmayer@users.sourceforge.net>

Mesh: change pointer to mesh object when copying or swapping segments

9ab7f49527-Feb-2020 Bernd Hahnebach <bernd@bimstatik.org>

FEM: small update in coding conventions

72d3a94c27-Feb-2020 Bernd Hahnebach <bernd@bimstatik.org>

FEM: better help messages at self weight

802832f127-Feb-2020 Bernd Hahnebach <bernd@bimstatik.org>

FEM: do not guard module imports if the module will be imported in gui mode only

0e62b05327-Feb-2020 Bernd Hahnebach <bernd@bimstatik.org>

FEM: use numerical data type for gravity

a3d18bc027-Feb-2020 Bernd Hahnebach <bernd@bimstatik.org>

FEM: change gravity in unit tests files to the new gravity constant

8043963827-Feb-2020 Bernd Hahnebach <bernd@bimstatik.org>

FEM: fix import

ab0df09a26-Feb-2020 Bernd Hahnebach <bernd@bimstatik.org>

FEM: more Python import cleaning

e68221c627-Feb-2020 Bernd Hahnebach <bernd@bimstatik.org>

FEM: Python imports coding conventions

1458f7e826-Feb-2020 Bernd Hahnebach <bernd@bimstatik.org>

FEM: pep8

4b62adb826-Feb-2020 sliptonic <shopinthewoods@gmail.com>

Merge branch 'master' into master

3d4013bf26-Feb-2020 Bernd Hahnebach <bernd@bimstatik.org>

FEM: constants, use new module in elmer and ccx

dbbab7ae26-Feb-2020 Bernd Hahnebach <bernd@bimstatik.org>

FEM: constants, add new module

f9f5a7de26-Feb-2020 Bernd Hahnebach <bernd@bimstatik.org>

FEM: improve imports

778c269b26-Feb-2020 sliptonic <shopinthewoods@gmail.com>

Merge pull request #3068 from Russ4262/Profile_Open_Edges

[Path] ProfileEdges: New feature - profile open edges