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# 642919b4 29-May-2019 Abdullah Tahiri <abdullah.tahiri.yo@gmail.com>

AppVeyor: Configuration for VS2017


It is configured to work with clcache, but it won't compile within the 60 minutes of Appveyor limit.

# ab23ac4f 12-Apr-2019 Markus Reitboeck <mrpilot@gmx.net>

(-) fix appveyor build

project was renamed in commit 10ce1470c926097f6c355615d14337a833590dc7

# 2cc73303 05-May-2019 Abdullah Tahiri <abdullah.tahiri.yo@gmail.com>

AppVeyor: Enable atime to auto clean older accessed cache objects

# ed7e4df2 05-May-2019 Abdullah Tahiri <abdullah.tahiri.yo@gmail.com>

Appveyor: reset cache stats before each build

# 42c40331 04-May-2019 Abdullah Tahiri <abdullah.tahiri.yo@gmail.com>

AppVeyor: Remove PDB

# a2975900 04-May-2019 Abdullah Tahiri <abdullah.tahiri.yo@gmail.com>

AppVeyor: disable msbuild filetracking for clcache

# cd418a6a 04-May-2019 Abdullah Tahiri <abdullah.tahiri.yo@gmail.com>

Appveyor: enable clcache

# f6286e6a 23-Feb-2018 sasobadovinac <saso.badovinac@gmail.com>


# f532e60f 01-Aug-2016 Yorik van Havre <yorik@uncreated.net>

Added appveyor control file