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as requested in pull request:

Unfortunately in plain Markdown it is not possible to align

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latest release is v0.18

# 2f18182b 11-Jun-2018 Yorik van Havre <yorik@uncreated.net>

Updated travis build badge in Readme

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# 991c8830 13-Apr-2016 Bruce B. Lacey <bruce@blacey.com>

Fixed FreeCAD 0.16 build status link in GitHub README.md

# e4c94516 06-Apr-2016 Bruce B. Lacey <bruce@blacey.com>

Added OS X to Travis build configuration for unified Linux & OS X CI builds and modified README.md to display build status

# 0f9d6c14 27-Dec-2015 Yorik van Havre <yorik.vanhavre@gmail.com>

Updated installation page in README

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