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# ab916fef 20-Dec-2018 Yorik van Havre <yorik@uncreated.net>

[Testing] renaming COPYING file to LICENSE

# c4866c83 18-Dec-2018 Yorik van Havre <yorik@uncreated.net>

Removed unappropriate copyright note from license file

# 2ccf5883 06-May-2016 wmayer <wmayer@users.sourceforge.net>

+ fixes #0002133: Bad file name copying.lib

# 90a7f690 05-Jul-2012 wmayer <wmayer@users.sourceforge.net>

Fix address of FSF in copyright notice

# 120ca870 10-Oct-2011 wmayer <wmayer@e8eeb9e2-ec13-0410-a4a9-efa5cf37419d>

+ unify DLL export defines to namespace names

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