History log of /FreeCAD/.gitignore (Results 1 - 17 of 17)
Revision Date Author Comments
# a5499601 04-Jun-2020 Keith Sloan <keith@sloan-home.co.uk>

Add workbench icon

# 1002ea9a 26-Aug-2019 wmayer <wmayer@users.sourceforge.net>

add CMakeLists.txt.user to ignore list

# 388a671a 15-Oct-2018 sliptonic <shopinthewoods@gmail.com>

Path: UI changes to job edit


More UI work


# 0bed2a9c 01-Feb-2019 Yorik van Havre <yorik@uncreated.net>

Git ignore crowdin zip file

# 976e804e 29-Oct-2018 kreso-t <kresimir.tusek@gmail.com>

Path: Adaptive - fix for path cleaning

- fix for side-effect introduced by last change
(completely collinear paths were filtered out)

# b56cc96f 24-Aug-2018 kreso-t <kresimir.tusek@gmail.com>

clean up

# 8aad83f0 26-Feb-2018 Yorik van Havre <yorik@uncreated.net>

Updated wiki download scripts

# fabc8007 29-May-2017 Kurt Kremitzki <kkremitzki@gmail.com>

Add ctags tag files to gitignore

# 3b7ca72d 28-Apr-2017 Keith Sloan <keith@sloan-home.co.uk>

Remove OpenSCAD run time file

# 18afd700 20-Aug-2016 Marco Molteni <marco.molteni@laposte.net>

Add CLion IDE configuration files to gitignore

# 6135ec5e 28-Mar-2016 Timothy Hobbs <timothyhobbs@seznam.cz>

Add subuser files for developing freecad within a Docker container.

# d67d9603 21-Mar-2015 Yorik van Havre <yorik@uncreated.net>

Better PDF generation script

# 7499f77f 15-Nov-2014 jriegel <FreeCAD@juergen-riegel.net>

ignore in src build directory

# c5193be0 04-Mar-2014 jriegel <FreeCAD@juergen-riegel.net>

more ignor for Windows platform

# 3ff9292a 04-Mar-2014 jriegel <FreeCAD@juergen-riegel.net>

gitignore for insource builds

# 28db1764 12-Jul-2013 wmayer <wmayer@users.sourceforge.net>

Update git ignore list

# 9d29b900 30-Oct-2012 Yorik van Havre <yorik@uncreated.net>

Added .gitignore file to make git ignore .pyc files