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Revision Date Author Comments
# 0cbbfea2 17-Jan-2014 wmayer <wmayer@users.sourceforge.net>

+ Shared library of Mefisto2F

# f1f31513 19-Sep-2013 wmayer <wmayer@users.sourceforge.net>

+Relicense from GPL to LGPL

# 1cd2e2dc 13-Feb-2012 wmayer <wmayer@users.sourceforge.net>

Experiment with keyword expansion

# 60472e05 07-Feb-2012 wmayer <wmayer@users.sourceforge.net>

Make dist target also working on Windows, add distdfsg target

# 67793c6c 02-Feb-2012 wmayer <wmayer@users.sourceforge.net>

+ add blacklists to exlude files from being archived by Git