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6e049f7b15-Jun-2020 giulcioffi <g.cioffi@arduino.cc>

Add section sketch_boot for nano 33 IoT

b2fce4cd07-Feb-2020 Arturo Guadalupi <a.guadalupi@arduino.cc>

Merge pull request #471 from agdl/I2SDefinitionsNano

Added I2S definitions for NANO 33 IoT

e538930d09-Jan-2020 Riccardo Rizzo <r.rizzo@arduino.cc>

Enable PWM on D4

f6faf48209-Dec-2019 Riccardo Rizzo <r.rizzo@arduino.cc>

Modified the nano 33 Iot variant

Adapted the MCU table description with to the actual pinout

895740f627-Nov-2019 agdl <a.guadalupi@arduino.cc>

Added I2S definitions for NANO 33 IoT

4505276b16-May-2019 Martino Facchin <m.facchin@arduino.cc>

NANO 33 IoT: remove references to R0

92efd74530-Apr-2019 Martino Facchin <m.facchin@arduino.cc>

Add missing forward declaration of PINCOUNT_fn()

08629f9019-Apr-2019 Martino Facchin <m.facchin@arduino.cc>

Rename NONA_WLAN in NANO 33 IoT