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ccfcc89615-Jan-2020 Riccardo Rizzo <r.rizzo@arduino.cc>

added SDA and SCL Variables

Added SDA and SCL variables in variant.h of samd boards

This resolve: https://github.com/arduino/ArduinoCore-samd/issues/473

92efd74530-Apr-2019 Martino Facchin <m.facchin@arduino.cc>

Add missing forward declaration of PINCOUNT_fn()

a536cc8015-Oct-2018 Jonni Westphalen <jonny.westphalen@googlemail.com>

make PINS_COUNT dynamic

f0ca3afa29-Nov-2018 Sandeep Mistry <s.mistry@arduino.cc>

MKR boards: I2C to sercom2, SPI1 + Serial2 to sercom4

d57d382619-Apr-2017 Sandeep Mistry <s.mistry@arduino.cc>

Add sketch boot section to linked script

95c9ec6f22-Dec-2016 Cristian Maglie <c.maglie@arduino.cc>

Added bootloader and boards definition for MKRFox1200 board