History log of /ArduinoCore-samd/post_install.bat (Results 1 - 4 of 4)
Revision Date Author Comments
# 163ef56b 08-Jul-2019 Martino Facchin <m.facchin@arduino.cc>

Fix post_install script on Windows x86 (32bit)

# 9f9d2c7b 03-Aug-2018 Dan Halbert <halbert@halwitz.org>

do not install CPX drivers on win10

# 0cbc68f1 28-Apr-2017 Cristian Maglie <c.maglie@arduino.cc>

Remove /A flag from post-install

The flag means "install everything or nothing", not really useful
in our case.

# e924cfad 11-Feb-2016 Cristian Maglie <c.maglie@bug.st>

Added drivers for MKR1000