History log of /ArduinoCore-samd/libraries/SBU/extras/SBUBoot/lzss.cpp (Results 1 - 5 of 5)
Revision Date Author Comments
# 768d7549 24-Jul.-2020 giulcioffi <g.cioffi@arduino.cc>

Cleanup lzss libraries and rename to lzssEncode inside SBU_LoadLZSS

# b05f4bc4 24-Jul.-2020 giulcioffi <g.cioffi@arduino.cc>

Add lzss libraries in SBUBoot for decode and SBU_LoadLZSS for encode

# c4a103cd 24-Jul.-2020 giulcioffi <g.cioffi@arduino.cc>

Remove lzss files

# 084cd951 23-Jul.-2020 giulcioffi <g.cioffi@arduino.cc>

Add SBU_LoadLZSS.ino sketch + support for LZSS encoding

Remove symlink + cleanup code

# 8755881a 20-Jul.-2020 giulcioffi <g.cioffi@arduino.cc>

Initial commit to add LZSS decompression at reboot