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6762e4b908-Jul-2019 Martino Facchin <m.facchin@arduino.cc>

Update drivers to

9f9d2c7b03-Aug-2018 Dan Halbert <halbert@halwitz.org>

do not install CPX drivers on win10

e7ebbdfc30-Jul-2018 Dan Halbert <halbert@halwitz.org>

CPX fixes: add &MI_00 to all devices so CPLAYBOOT is not hidden on Windows 10

de0fa4f311-Jul-2018 Cristian Maglie <c.maglie@arduino.cc>

Re-signed Adafruit_Circuit_Playground_Express.inf

2b39158411-Jul-2018 Cristian Maglie <c.maglie@arduino.cc>

Updated Windows Drivers to 1.4.0

added support for:

- MKR WiFi 1010
- MKR Vidor 4000
- MKR NB 1500

07a7b00429-Nov-2017 Cristian Maglie <c.maglie@arduino.cc>

Updated windows drivers for MKR GSM and MKR WAN

385f125527-Apr-2017 Cristian Maglie <c.maglie@arduino.cc>

Fixed driver for MKRFox1200

6d21cb9d27-Apr-2017 Cristian Maglie <c.maglie@arduino.cc>

Added driver for MKRFox1200

cb9927fd27-Jan-2017 Cristian Maglie <c.maglie@arduino.cc>

Fixed Circuit Playground Express driver

Fix #206

e4124f7119-Dec-2016 Cristian Maglie <c.maglie@arduino.cc>

Added Circuit Playground Express board

a5ca6fae12-Dec-2016 Cristian Maglie <c.maglie@arduino.cc>

Updated windows drivers

e924cfad11-Feb-2016 Cristian Maglie <c.maglie@bug.st>

Added drivers for MKR1000