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f6ae6d8424-Apr-2019 Alexander Entinger <cto@lxrobotics.com>

Fixing typo - although control endpoints are located at endpoint #0 we should leave this choice to the caller of the function and be consistent within the rest of the code

e3e85d5521-Feb-2019 Six <asserta6@gmail.com>

deadlock detect and early return in startTransmissionWIRE

08629f9019-Apr-2019 Martino Facchin <m.facchin@arduino.cc>

Rename NONA_WLAN in NANO 33 IoT

169ec9c119-Apr-2019 Martino Facchin <m.facchin@arduino.cc>

Mark mkrfox1200 and mkrwan1310 as very low power

a536cc8015-Oct-2018 Jonni Westphalen <jonny.westphalen@googlemail.com>

make PINS_COUNT dynamic

52e0052713-Oct-2018 Jonni Westphalen <jonny.westphalen@googlemail.com>

allow the Low Power library to not break the Serial connection

3645829919-Apr-2019 Martino Facchin <m.facchin@arduino.cc>

Allow boards to skip pinMode(INPUT) initialization

cd66b99319-Apr-2019 Martino Facchin <m.facchin@arduino.cc>

MKRWAN1310: fix FLASH_CS define

d44a929019-Apr-2019 Martino Facchin <m.facchin@arduino.cc>

MKRWAN1310: add bootloader

a03e17ce19-Apr-2019 Martino Facchin <m.facchin@arduino.cc>

MKRWAN1310: start integration

df57f9f212-Apr-2019 Martino Facchin <m.facchin@arduino.cc>

TEMP: NONA_WLAN: add workaround for R0

67d5556212-Apr-2019 Martino Facchin <m.facchin@arduino.cc>

NONA_WLAN: add SerialHCI support for BLE

4ed0be9011-Apr-2019 Martino Facchin <m.facchin@arduino.cc>

Rebuild all bootloaders

d502e29b11-Apr-2019 Martino Facchin <m.facchin@arduino.cc>

BL: borrow system_init from uf2

works way better in crystalless mode

57830a4c10-Apr-2019 Martino Facchin <m.facchin@arduino.cc>

TEMP: update to fake version 1.6.28

1cc8f7c210-Apr-2019 Martino Facchin <m.facchin@arduino.cc>

NONA_WLAN: update comments

4667e88709-Apr-2019 Martino Facchin <m.facchin@arduino.cc>

BL: NONW_WLAN: update bootloaders

37b592af09-Apr-2019 Martino Facchin <m.facchin@arduino.cc>

Bootloader: allow crystalless configuration

a46d49ae09-Apr-2019 Martino Facchin <m.facchin@arduino.cc>

Allow reconfiguration of MixedSerial baud rate

1eaa6bfd09-Apr-2019 Martino Facchin <m.facchin@arduino.cc>

Add Mixed Serial library to save the boards :)

Flash nina firmware with ./esptool.py --baud 115200 -p /dev/ttyACM0 write_flash 0x0 NINA_W102.bin

bef66cdd09-Apr-2019 Martino Facchin <m.facchin@arduino.cc>

Fix sercoms

6a178b4029-Mar-2019 agdl <a.guadalupi@arduino.cc>

Fixed software serial library inspired by https://github.com/arduino-org/Arduino/tree/master/hardware/arduino/samd/libraries/SoftwareSerial

996b3cd209-Apr-2019 Martino Facchin <m.facchin@arduino.cc>


Bootloader not working, we need to define CRYSTALLESS mode

cee8257711-Apr-2019 Martino Facchin <m.facchin@arduino.cc>

Merge pull request #400 from sandeepmistry/mkrwan-spi1-sercom-fix

MKR WAN 1300: Correct sercom pads for SPI1

dea5340511-Apr-2019 Sandeep Mistry <s.mistry@arduino.cc>

MKR WAN 1300: Correct sercom pads for SPI1