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This OpenGrok server hosts many GNU projects and some non-gnu projects.
For questions/suggestions write to opengrok at

The repositories are updated twice daily.


Hosted Projects

Unix Tools

bash, Coreutils, dash, datamash, findutils, gawk, gzip, sed, tar, time,

Networking Tools

curl, rsync, wget,


emacs, nano, zile, SCiTE, Scintilla,

Development Tools

autoconf, autoconf-archive, automake, binutils-gdb, flex, bison, diffutils, gettext, GNU-Hello, m4, make, patch, texinfo, valgrind,

GNU Development Libraries

glibc, gmp, gnulib, gsl, libiconv, libidn, libtool, ncurses-6.0, readline,

ELLCC Development Libraries

musl-libc, libedit-20170329-3.1, netbsd-curses, c-ares (Async DNS),

Other Development Libraries

libexpat, zlib,

Security Tools / Libraries

libssh2, openssh-portable, libressl-openbsd, libressl-portable,

System/Low-level tools

busybox, freeipmi, grub, procps, util-linux,


TinyCC, PCC, fcpp (Frexx C preprocessor), sparse, cparser, mcpp-2.7.2, ucpp-1.3.2,


GNU Savannah (savane),


microbit, microbit-dal, microbit-pxt, microbit-samples, microbit-targets,


Arduino IDE, ArduinoCore-AVR, ArduinoCore-sam, ArduinoCore-samd,
Libraries: avr-libc, DebugUtils, Ethernet, SD, Servo, Stepper, TFT, WiFi

3D Programs

Cura, CuraEngine, OpenScad, FreeCAD, occ-csg,

3D Libraries

CGAL, openCSG, GLEW, GLFW, OpenCascade 7.3.0, OccTutorial,

Python/Flask Packages

Flask, Flask-Admin, Flask-DebugToolbar, Flask-Login, Flask-shell-ipython, Flask-SQLAlchemy, Flask-wtf, email-validator, phonenumbers, sqlalchemy, wtforms, werkzeug,

Mirror SCM Type: Parent (branch) Current version
Arduino git: (master)N/A
arduino-libraries-debug-utils git: (master)N/A
arduino-libraries-ethernet git: (master)N/A
arduino-libraries-sd git: (master)N/A
arduino-libraries-servo git: (master)N/A
arduino-libraries-stepper git: (master)N/A
arduino-libraries-tft git: (master)N/A
arduino-libraries-wifi git: (master)N/A
ArduinoCore-avr git: (master)N/A
ArduinoCore-sam git: (master)N/A
ArduinoCore-samd git: (master)N/A
autoconf git: git:// (master)N/A
autoconf-archive git: git:// (master)N/A
automake git: git:// (master)N/A
avr-libc Subversion: svn:// (N/A)N/A
bash git: git:// (master)N/A
binutils-gdb git: git:// (master)N/A
bison git: git:// (master)N/A
busybox git: git:// (master)N/A
c-ares git: (master)N/A
catt git: (master)N/A
cgal git: (master)N/A
click git: (master)N/A
coreutils git: git:// (master)N/A
cparser git: (master)N/A
Cura git: (master)N/A
CuraEngine git: (master)N/A
curl git: (master)N/A
dash git: (master)N/A
datamash git: git:// (master)N/A
diffutils git: git:// (master)N/A
dpkg git: (master)N/A
emacs git: (master)N/A
epiphany git: (master)N/A
fcpp git: (master)N/A
findutils git: git:// (master)N/A
flask git: (master)N/A
flask-admin git: (master)N/A
flask-debugtoolbar git: (master)N/A
flask-login git: (main)N/A
flask-shell-ipython git: (master)N/A
flask-sqlalchemy git: (master)N/A
flask-wtf git: (master)N/A
flex git: (master)N/A
FreeCAD git: (master)N/A
freeipmi git: (master)N/A
gawk git: git:// (master)N/A
gettext git: git:// (master)N/A
glew git: (master)N/A
glfw git: (master)N/A
glibc git: git:// (master)N/A
gmp Mercurial: (default)2021-04-16 16:49 +0200: 92 2021-04-16 16:49 +0200: 92681f2490cc Marco Bodrato <> Changelog show more ...
gnulib git: git:// (master)N/A
grep git: git:// (master)N/A
grub git: git:// (master)N/A
gsl git: git:// (master)N/A
gzip git: git:// (master)N/A
hello git: git:// (master)N/A
libexpat git: (master)N/A
libiconv git: git:// (master)N/A
libidn git: git:// (master)N/A
libressl-openbsd git: (master)N/A
libressl-portable git: (master)N/A
librsvg git: (master)N/A
libssh2 git: (master)N/A
libtool git: git:// (master)N/A
m4 git: (master)N/A
make git: git:// (master)N/A
microbit git: (master)N/A
microbit-dal git: (master)N/A
microbit-pxt git: (master)N/A
microbit-samples git: (master)N/A
microbit-targets git: (master)N/A
midori-browser-core git: (master)N/A
musl git: git:// (master)N/A
nano git: git:// (master)N/A
netbsd-curses git: (master)N/A
OCC-CSG git: (master)N/A
OccTutorial git: (master)N/A
OpenCSG git: (master)N/A
openscad git: (master)N/A
openssh-portable git: git:// (master)N/A
patch git: git:// (master)N/A
pcc CVS: (N/A)N/A
procps git: git:// (master)N/A
pychromecast git: (master)N/A
python-email-validator git: (primary)N/A
python-gpiozero git: (master)N/A
python-phonenumbers git: (dev)N/A
python-werkzeug git: (master)N/A
readline git: git:// (master)N/A
rsync git: git:// (master)N/A
samba git: (master)N/A
savane git: git:// (master)N/A
scintilla-code Mercurial: (default)2021-04-21 07:32 +1000: 5b 2021-04-21 07:32 +1000: 5b51130729ea Neil <> Updates for 5.0.2. show more ...
scintilla-scite Mercurial: (default)2021-04-21 09:02 +1000: 7b 2021-04-21 09:02 +1000: 7b619e32162f Neil <> Typo. show more ...
sed git: git:// (master)N/A
sparse git: (master)N/A
sqlalchemy git: (master)N/A
tar git: git:// (master)N/A
texinfo git: git:// (master)N/A
time git: git:// (master)N/A
tinycc git: (mob)N/A
util-linux git: git:// (master)N/A
valgrind git: git:// (master)N/A
wget git: git:// (master)N/A
wtforms git: (master)N/A
youtube-dl git: (master)N/A
zile git: git:// (master)N/A
zlib git: (master)N/A